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Alberta Beef Basics: The Edmonton Edition

From sensational steakhouses, to top-rate butcher shops, and amazing burger joints that will blow your mind - Alberta beef is everywhere... And that's just the way we like it up in the Great White North!

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From sensational steakhouses, to top-rate butcher shops, and amazing burger joints that will blow your mind - Alberta beef is everywhere... And that's just the way we like it up in the Great White North! Gear up for a meatapalooza in the Capital Area and let the carnivorous cravings commence.

Acme Meat Market

Who needs to go out for farm-to-table, when you can have butcher-to-face? Since 1921 Acme has been Edmontonian's go-to place for natural, free range and locally sourced meat. And current owner and meat-man Corey Meyer has become a social media sensation in the #YEG. So head in, say hi and pick up a succulent steak for the barbeque or a savoury roast for Sunday dinner.

D'Arcy's Meat Market

Selling only top choice Alberta products, D'Arcy's is renowned for their beef and bison that is aged 21 days, as well as being one of the only places in the Province whom offers Wagyu beef. Located in St. Albert, this renowned meat mecca will soon will be opening a new space... So what are you waiting for? Go meat your local butcher tonight!

Real Deal Meats

This family run facility will have your mouth watering for the AAA Heritage Angus beef. And you can gear up for barbecque season with their Spring/Summer steak pack; 4 rib-eyes steaks, New York striploin and Top sirloin steaks. As well as 4 Rib Steaks, 4 T-bones and

3 lbs of Maui style short ribs. Now that's a steak-action!

Hardware Grill

A high-steaks experience can always be found at this A-list downtown dining establishment. With French influences on local Prairie flavours, husband and wife Melinda and Larry are as renowned for their progressive Canadian cuisine as the restaurant is for the outstanding Alberta Angus beef tenderloin. For something really special, request a dinner at the Chef's Table, where you can experience the excitement and drama of the kitchen.

Von's Steak House & Oyster Bar

From steak tartare to prime rib sandwich, there is a whole lotta beef in this building! All steaks are aged a minimum of 28 days then seared in a 1700 degree high heat broiler to lock in those Alberta juices. Or, opt for one of the 4 cuts of slow cooked prime rib, roasted for 17 hours and cooked to perfection. Pop in during happy hour for a side of oysters at a buck a shuck!

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Slicing off some of the juiciest, most mouth-watering meat in the city, this Brazilian steakhouse provides unlimited cuts of rib eye, rump steak, top and bottom sirloin, and even bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Wash it all down with a Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil, with flavours like watermelon and chili pepper, or banana cinnamon. You may come out with a mean case of the meat sweats, but it will be worth it!

Jack's Burger Shack

While you're off burger-hoppin', shimmy up north to St Albert in hot pursuit of two magic words: "hangover style": in place of the bun, you get 2 grilled cheese. Wowza! With fresh ground beef delivered daily, creative items like the BBQ Crunch; which comes with bacon, cheese, potato chips and an orange soda BBQ sauce, brothers Ninh and Tu are pumping out bold burgers to be proud of, in the Perron District. Oh, and the creative milkshakes like the Darth Vader or Italian Stallion will have you weak in the knees.

Delux Burger Bar

This hotspot is Plan A for scores of loyal locals. From building your own burger, to the 6 oz mouth watering signature "Deluxe Burger" with blue cheese, caramelized onions, portobello mushroom, crispy bacon, chipotle mayo on toasted brioche - the Prairie Wise certified, range fed, angus beef ensures that the beef is top-notch, and always amazing. Paired with Stella Artois beer battered onion rings, and you've got one gourmet burger experience. Check out their 3rd location, opening this week in St Albert.


Unleash that growling carnivore within at this Southern style smokehouse located in the heart of Old Strathcona. They're bringing brisket back in a big way! Sometimes it's all about the sauce, and the sensational homemade sauces such as bourbon, cherry, spicy and mustard adorn every table. With beer, bourbon and locally sourced beef brisket, this is a trifecta of taste.

This article was compiled by Jennie Marshall, Community Manager of Yelp Edmonton: @yelpedmonton


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