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Best Restaurants In Vancouver: Sushi

Is Vancouver the sushi capital of the world? Probably not! Cod it be the sole sushi capital of Canada? We like to think so! From standard California rolls, to takoyaki, Vancouver eel-y has it all. And we're not shellfish, we'll share..


Is Vancouver the sushi capital of the world? Probably not! Cod it be the sole sushi capital of Canada? We like to think so! From standard California rolls, to takoyaki, Vancouver eel-y has it all. And we're not shellfish, we'll share..

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen

Oh Kishimoto, you paragon of sushi goodness! Sure, the wait is usually long, but it's always worth it. Get your name on the list, then glue yourself to the window and stare longingly in at the diners -- bonus, if you're creepy enough they might leave and you'll get a table faster! Food presentation is impeccable here -- get the caterpillar roll, if for no other reason than to fall in love with its tiny antennae (then eat them mercilessly!). Still hungry? The okonomiyaki is absolutely unmissable here.

Toshi Sushi

Aside from having a perfectly pleasant rhyming name, Toshi has some of the best food around. The miso black cod is heaven, and if you're feeling ocean-friendly, the spicy agedashi tofu will get your tastebuds tingling, and the miso eggplant will send you over the edge! This place is tiny so, again, be prepared to wait -- it's worth it! There are no frills here but the food is outstanding, and you will leave stuffed and happy!

Ajisai Sushi Bar

The rolls here are slightly smaller than in the rest of the Lower Mainland, and you will wait for a table, but trust us -- it'll be worth it. There's very little hot food, so come for the rolls and stay for the tataki! For a hit of unusual, try the smoked salmon battera -- the sundried tomato and basil combo will melt your face. Order the seafood salad for a light bite, and revel in the crunchy cereal topping.

Guu With Garlic

Boisterous, loud, intense, delicious -- these are the words you associate with Guu. Always busy, the servers and chefs always exclaim loudly when new folks walk in, or diners leave -- true Izakaya style. The food is carefully crafted deliciousness -- get the tuna with sesame oil for a light bite, the ebi mayo if you're craving some deep-fried goodness, and if you need warming up, their hotpot is a must-have.

Sushi Mart Vancouver

I know, I know, but hear us out. It may have "Mart" in the name, but this little gem will knock your socks off. A great and reasonably priced spot to grab your lunch, get it to go, or sit with your complimentary miso soup and tea at the communal table, and people watch until your food arrives. You really can't go wrong with anything you order here -- but get the chirashi don, you won't be disappointed.


Sure, it's expensive, but the view is unbeatable, and the ambiance unmatched -- not to mention the freshness of the fish and the tastiness of their flavours. Being located right next to Canada Place gives you a stunning view out over the North Shore mountains -- talk about romantic! For a gorgeous dish, try the ebi oshi aburi sushi, not just fun to say, but delicious to eat, too! Or if you want to keep it simple, order the sashimi and savour the fresh ocean flavours (but not in a weird way).

Shizen Ya

Perfect for those people who are into the whole organic scene. They carry brown rice, and quinoa sushi, which is worth the trip in itself. The menu is small, but expertly curated, and the vegetarian and gluten-free items are highlighted -- so no guesswork here. You will pay a premium for this kind of quality, but who cares! Try the sakura blossom roll, and the tuna tataki -- all the fish is local so you know it's hella fresh.


Killer atmosphere, and some of the hippest servers in town. Don't be shy to ask for help deciding what to eat -- the menu is vast but you really can't go wrong, so if you just want to close your eyes and point, it's a pretty safe bet. Again, this is a slightly pricier spot, but when you have dishes like the smoked salmon wrap, you will quickly forget to care. For a twist on the Korean classic, try the sea urchin bibimbap, or to keep it more traditional, grab the Kingyo negitoro sushi.

Hitoe Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Another tiny spot that is gluten-free friendly! The first two pages of their menu are dedicated to gluten-free items, so celiacs: eat here without fear! But first you'll have to find it. Hitoe is a hidden gem, so happy hunting! The unagi cream cheese roll is melt-in-your-mouth good, and the spicy salmon sashimi will knock your socks off. The focus here is on fresh fish, and the quality definitely stands out. Gorge yourself without guilt!


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