02/28/2015 08:20 EST | Updated 04/30/2015 05:59 EDT

10 Calgary Breakfasts Worth Waking Up For

Compiled by Dale Einarson, Yelp Community Manager for Calgary, @yelpcalgary

Few things will awaken your weary weekend warrior from the carnage that was Friday/Saturday night. But when that tummy's a'grumbling and dreams of sun-soaked beaches turn into visions of syrup-soaked waffles, only that magical morning period called breakfast will do. This list is stacked with oodles of egg-stras regarding a little meal folks like to call brunch.


There's breakfast and then there's Over Easy Breakfast (OEB). This place with slap your tastebuds silly with nomtastic creations like their breakfast poutine. Massive chunks of pork belly mixed in with organic duck fat cooked potato wedges, Quebec cheese curds, black truffle shavings and topped with two (perfect and insanely delicious) poached eggs. Cover all of that with brown butter hollandaise and you've got yourself a "Gold Digga'." It's no wonder you're going to have to wait in line for this one! When the wait is long enough, the staff will be down the line with free coffee!

Dairy Lane

Bodacious bennies and a down-home local lifestyle -- Dairy Lane crafts the products of Alberta farmers and small businesses into some seriously stunning breakfast bites. All this, while minimizing their environmental impact and giving back to the community we live in. With burgers and wine in the evenings, you can eat local even after the sun has come up and back down again. Try the Alberta Turkey burger with Hill View ground all natural turkey, fresh sage and garlic, cranberry shallot relish, goat feta and truffle mayo on an egg-washed bun.

Monki Breakfast Club & Bistro

While Monki Breakfast Club & bistro may be as small and adorable as a capuchin, they serve up some big, mean breakfasts. From Hollandaise topped brisket and sausage hash to banana and Frangelico cream cheese-stuffed French toast -- this is one breakfast club you'll be signing all your friends up for.

Pfanntastic Panenkoek Haus

Yeah, they're pancakes, but these satellite dish sized Dutch delectables served in this unassuming breakfast nook are nothing like the fluffy flapjacks you'll find served on the streets during the Calgary Stampede. They're 12 inches in diametre and rolled out thin, featuring flavours from sweet to savoury. Try a bacon, apple and cheese pannenkoek for the best of both worlds. It's a great pick for couples or families of all ages.

Galaxie Diner

What's new at Galaxy Diner? Nothing -- and that's the point! Simple, straightforward and delicious breakfast the way you'd expect from the era of the diner days. If you're looking for a meal that will bring a halt on your hangover, hop in an old diner booth and check out their one price, unlimited choice omelette. With your choice of 13 different toppings, you'd best bring your hungriest breakfast game!

The Holy Grill

Looking for the Holy Grail of breakfasts? Search no more! When breakfast is short and you need food fast, but refuse to settle for fast food, the Holy Grill has got your back. Located in Calgary's downtown core, leaving the house a few minutes early to pop by for a Bacon Avocado Crisp or a Sausage NicMuffin is well worth it. Breakfast served until 11am and all day Saturday.

Red's In Ramsay

Red's is traditional comfort for the modern day. This sunny heritage building in the heart of the quirky, inner-city neighbourhood of Ramsay serves up their tasty take on classic breakfast favourites every day and all day. Try a short rib hash and eggs-a beef short rib potato hash with green onions, peppers and 2 eggs.

River Cafe

Picture the most idealistic and adorable picnic in the park you can think of -- now add food expertly prepared using the most fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. You've got yourself the River Cafe's weekend brunch! Look around -- you're on an island park in the middle of a skyscraper-clad city, surrounded by the wild, garden feel of a stone patio, plenty of plants and blankets ready for you if you get a chill. Take your time with this one and enjoy!

Diner Deluxe

Set your tastebuds to drool! This long time Edmonton Trail favourite features everything you'd want in your neighbourhood diner from a breakfast parfait with granola, mascarpone mousse, lemon zest, mixed berries, local honey, toast to a veggie burrito made with scrambled eggs, cheddar, roasted red peppers, green onions, black beans, salsa fresca and cilantro sour cream in a whole wheat wrap. You're welcome.


Neighbourhood residents of Victoria Park can't enough of Grumans... and neither will you! It's a menu unlike any other breakfast menu you'll find in Saddle City. Put the Challah French toast (vanilla, cinnamon, sauteed banana, nuts and fruit salad) and the Lox Benedict (house-cured lox, red pepper artichoke spread, lemon Hollondaise, confit home-style hashbrowns and fruit salad) at the top of your brunching to-eat list. There's nothing else in town quite like it!


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