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Embrace Your Inner Beer Geek at These Calgary Bars

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Calling all craft connoisseurs! Calgary has been making some sudsy strides into the beer scene: stouts, ales lagers - whichever barley pop you prefer, we've filtered out (or unfiltered, if you rather) the best spots to find the brew for you. Let's hop to it, shall we?

Hop In Brew Pub

Now surrounded by inner-city skyscrapers, this charming and historic century house in Calgary's downtown core still stands strong. Serving up a smaller, but well thought-out and always changing beer menu, the Hop In Brew is a great place for relaxed conversation and to put your beer knowledge to the test against their indie selection. An adventurous and eclectic beer list with a food menu made up of of pizza, pizza and pizza. As if you need anything else.

Wild Rose Brewery

If you start thinking you're going the wrong way, you're almost there! In the heart of what was once an army barracks, this converted military airplane hangar is now the home to one incredibly delicious local brewery. The attached tap room serves up Wild Rose's full lineup, along with seasonals and one-off casks. Featuring an in-house craft beer inspired food menu, you get to eat your brew as well as drink it!

Bottlescrew Bill's Pub

This is Calgary's craft beer pub before craft beer was cool. With walls lined with plaques that proudly showcase members of their famous "Around the World in 80 Beers" passport club, Bottlescrew Bill's is a great place to meet friends for conversation. Luckily, with over 300+ beers spanning the entire globe, you'll have more than enough to talk about.

National 10th

They have over 70 varieties on tap and a happy hour that rewards beer geekery by giving you 20 oz. of anything for $5. I could say more, but why? Why mention the bourbon room, oyster bar, taqueria, ping pong, foosball and 8-lane bowling alley when there are $5 beers at play?

CRAFT Beer Market

With 104 beers on tap, you're bound to find true love in the form of draft. If you're afraid of commitment, you can play the field with a different 6-pack sampler every week. Get here early if you want to get your geek on, it gets a-bumpin' in the evenings.

Beer Revolution

What's on at Beer Revolution? Who knows! This gastropub's taps change so frequently, they need an airport style flight tracker to keep on top of the new arrivals. Seriously - they have one! Come here hungry, because their brick-baked pizzas are innovative and varied enough to pair with any beer.

Pig & Duke

This bacon obsessed neighbourhood pub is a comfortable hangout for the ordinary person who enjoys extraordinary beer. TVs, pool table, Buck Hunter - at first glance, The Pig & Duke looks like 90% of North American pubs. That is, until you happen across their 25 tap bar, serving more than 90% North American Craft.

WURST Uberkitchen. Wunderbar.

Gigantic (2L) boot steins clashing across large wooden picnic tables and lederhosen-clad oom-pah bands oom-pah-ing: WURST is a social beerhall with German flair, that's great for groups and for getting to know your neighbours. For the beer enthusiasts out there who enjoy quality as well as quantity, they carry favourites from across the pond like Krombacher, Maisel's and Hacker-Pschorr.


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