02/03/2016 02:07 EST | Updated 02/03/2017 05:12 EST

8 Infomercial Products You Could Use In Your Home Today

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Written by Jackie Marchildon

How could you not want the knife that could cut through pop cans in a jiffy? The cleaner that could remove your pesky blood stains? The individual-sized blender that could make muffins, omelettes and margaritas!? Over the years, television has come to see many infomercials that gave (and will continue to give) avid late-night watchers a reason to never go to bed. Here are the best infomercial products for your home:

1. The Thighmaster

Suzanne Somers says it best: "You just put it between your knees and squeeze." The perfect addition to your living room decor, the thighmaster could help you get into shape while watching Netflix.

2. The Clapper

Clap on -- clap, clap -- clap off. Why bother with light switches when you can clap your lights on and off?

3. The Chia Pet 

Who could forget the "ch-ch-ch-chia" pet? It's the perfect plant for your bedroom.

4. The Ginsu Knives

With these knives you could finally cut through that pop can you've been meaning to slice up in the kitchen.

5. The ShamWow

One of my all time favourites, Vince Offer definitely hosts the most quotable infomercial on the list: "You'll be saying wow every time you use this towel." The ShamWow could clean up spills in every room of the house.

6. The Magic Bullet

This product quickly became a student household staple and watching the infomercial became a pastime too. Why is Berman so hungover? And why doesn't Hazel ever ash her cigarette? Who cares? The Magic Bullet makes everything! 

7. The Snuggie

Throw those pesky blankets away and jump into a snuggie the next time you get cold!

8. The Slap Chop

"Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life." Vince, again, takes the cake for top-notch line delivery. "You're going to be in a great mood because you're going to be slapping your troubles away."



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