11/14/2013 05:34 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Why Seniors Need to Get Online

I think that computers help seniors feel proud. They help seniors tackle difficult tasks and helps them become more useful in society. Besides, with PCs as aids (not only in studying but in living more comfortable lives), older people feel more connected with rest of the world because they have a great deal of available information.

On the other hand, it requires a good amount of diligent devotion to keep up with skills due to the constantly changing advancements in technology. Despite all of this, oldsters can still hope to competitively play decisive roles in many different arenas in society if they can overcome the hurdles.

Above all, goldenagers need to partake in decision making on the issues especially relevant to the seniors because every year there are more older people on the planet.

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