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If Kate Upton's a Cow, What Does That Make the Rest of Us?



I've been swirling this around in my head trying to figure out how or what to say about this site. I wasn't even sure I should post the link because who wants to give traffic to this woman? BUT, I think it's really important that I do because everything about her, including her "apology" post (the most recent on the site currently) is really dangerous for young women and men.


We live in a world where we've elevated starlets and hunks to god-like status because of the fact that they are thin and fit. That's it. Genetics and hard work make them pedestal-worthy in our star obsessed lives. And so we reflect their beauty back onto ourselves. We don't feel good enough. Skinny enough. Pretty enough. Manly enough.

This woman calls her website "Thinspiration" but it's really just "Pro-Ana" (Pro-anorexia/bulimia). And what's so dangerous about that? She's built herself a platform on which to spew her hateful, dangerous ideas, which, in turn, gives people who may have been afraid to do something drastic to their bodies a sort of go-ahead, a kind of, "it's OK to want to be skinny, we support you even if others don't."

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And who does this "Skinny Gurl" call out most? Possibly one of the most beautiful, sexy models I have ever seen...Kate Upton. Kate Upton as in she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kate Upton.

And this bitchy woman calls Kate a cow. And says that she must be marching down the runway towards a buffet because she's just so fat. For Christ's sake, woman. Grow up.

Is it jealousy? Is it complete and utter self-hatred that makes you call such a gorgeous woman fat? Whatever it is, we need to make sure that for every one of this kind of person, there are at least two of us. That we're championing people of all body types, being proud of who we are, being healthy and having fun and truly understanding that one girl can be a size 0 and one can be a size 18, and there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with that.

If we fat-shame a young woman as pretty as Kate Upton, what becomes of even "bigger" women like these?

Maybe we should start putting ourselves out there more and stop hiding from our weight and size? I'd like to start. And I want you guys to spill it too.

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My name is Kat Armstrong, I am 175lbs, and I vary in size between an eight and a 12.

Woah! Totally liberating. If someone thinks I'm fat, well, too bad for you, you miserable person. Because I know in my heart of hearts that I am perfectly, completely flawed and wonderfully happy with who I am. I will continue to wear super skinny jeans, bikinis, and booty shorts and there is NOTHING you can do to stop me.

By: Kat Armstrong

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