October 3, 2015

The Conservatives Are Betraying Canadian Jobs

Factory Worker Sad Colorblind via Getty Images

This will be the first generation of Canadians in our history to be worse off than their parents. That blunt fact is the new reality of our country, where seven per cent of workers are officially jobless (and much more if hidden unemployment is included) and youth unemployment stands at over 13 per cent. And that reality is a direct result of the policies and actions of this Conservative government and the Mulroney government that came before it. Friday's headlines point to the 26,000 auto parts jobs at risk as Harper drives ahead to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.

Tory Candidate Lists Retired General Among 'Enemies' Of Israel

Andrew Leslie Joyce Bateman
The Canadian Press

Trans Pacific Partnership Talks Hit Take-It-Or-Leave-It Phase

Trans Pacific Partnerships
REX Shutterstock

Pot 'Infinitely Worse' Than Tobacco: Harper

Stephen Harper
Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

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Aid Workers, Children Killed After Hospital Bombed In Afghanistan

Athena Image
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

U.S. May Be To Blame

Man Found Guilty Of Murder In Calgary House Party Stabbing

Brett Weise Dead

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Nova Scotia SPCA Seizes Dozens Of Dogs Found Living In Own Excrement

Meet The Man Who's 'Very Satisfied' The Niqab Is An Election Issue

Andre Douin
Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press

For The Record, Gilles Duceppe, This Guy Was Never Head Of The BoC

Ed Norton Honeymooners
CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Hundreds Feared Dead In Guatemala Landslide

Athena Image
JOHAN ORDONEZ via Getty Images

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Tories Top Spenders On Controversial Mailouts

Ten Percenters

Here Is The Estimated Death Toll From VW Cars' Pollution


Liberals Urge Voters To Report Irregularities To Party, Elections Canada

Elections Canada

An IPhone Signal In The Unlikeliest Place Saved These Refugees' Lives

Syrian Migrants Syrian Refugees Syrian Migrant Cri
Courtesy Mohamed

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In America, More Preschoolers Are Shot Dead Each Year Than On-Duty Cops

Gun Splash

How Federal Leaders Will Try To Seal The Deal With Voters

Mulcair Harper Trudeau

Tories Would Strip Every Terrorist Of Citizenship, If Only They Could

Jason Kenney
Mark Taylor/The Canadian Press

Oregon Shooter Died Of Suicide

Athena Image
Marcus Yam via Getty Images

We'll Release Details If Monster Trade Deal Is Reached: Harper

Stephen Harper
Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

Syrian Man Dies Waiting For Quebec Son's Sponsorship Efforts

Canadian Passport
Chris Knorr via Getty Images

NDP's Quebec Drop Seriously Hurts Mulcair's Chances: Projections

Thomas Mulcair
Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press

3 Dead, 15 Injured In Highway 401 Pileup in Ontario

Ontario Provincial Police
Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

Recession Over? Not So Fast..

Rbc Pmi Canada

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NDP Will Defend Quebec Farms, Ontario Manufacturing: Mulcair


Paramedics Suffer PTSD After Ontario Crash That Killed Kids, Grandfather

Vaughan Crash

Trudeau Defends Plan To Run Deficits At Final Debate

Justin Trudeau

Ashley Burnham Has Strong Words For First Nations Students About The Election

Ashley Burnham First Nations Vote
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Ontario Raw Milk Farm Raided By Public Health Officials

Raw Milk Ontario
Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail

Ghosts Of Harper's Past Surface


Incorrect Voter Information Cards Sent Out To Hundreds Of Canadians

Ballot Box
Shutterstock / Sadik Gulec

Women Were Hired To Pose As Execs At Ashley Madison's Sister Website

Ashley Madison
Carl Court via Getty Images

Twitter Calls Out Kenney On 'Racist' Nenshi Remark

Jason Kenney
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images


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Denim Shirt
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Yaletown Condo Window

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Gilles Duceppe

26 Halloween Costumes That Never, Ever Needed To Be Sexy


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Alghabra Ad
Omar Alghabra/YouTube

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Coca Cola Rinse

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Dolphin Super Pod

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