January 31, 2015

Let's Get as Angry About Political Wrongdoings as We Do About Political Correctness

Toboggan Ban Steve Nagy / Design Pics via Getty Images

Why hasn't my Facebook feed filled with at least the same level of indignation about our government's disgraceful treatment of our Veterans as it was about the a tobogganing hill? We must learn to calibrate our anger so it's proportional to the injustice or slight. Let's fight for the things that make life fun for us like tobogganing while also fighting the things that make life miserable such as payday loan companies, multinational corporations, venture capitalists, a failed War on Terrorism and the self-serving hacks in the media and government who enable it all.

Montreal Won't Grant Imam Permit To Open Islamic Community Centre

Hamza Chaoui

Hagel: U.S. Ground Troops Could Be Needed In Iraq

Chuck Hagel
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Banner Year For NDP, Grit Fundraising

Thomas Mulcair

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Mulcair Rips Defector.. Senate Liberals In Limbo.. Spotlight On 3 Ministers.. Tory MP Says Sorry

Dying To Be Free

The Huffington Post

Tim Hortons Unveils Tweaks To Roll Up The Rim For 2015

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim
Tara Walton via Getty Images

More Business
Shake Shack FTW.. Secret Of Ikea's Success.. Telco Renames Customer 'A**hole'

Ukrainians Flee Eastern Town As Fighting Intensifies

MANU BRABO via Getty Images

The Most Wanted Offenders In B.C.

Bc Most Wanted
Crime Stoppers

Anti-Terror Bill To Beef Up Spy Powers

Stephen Harper

PHOTOS: Inside Alberta's Sky Palace

Alberta Skypalace

More Alberta
You Gotta Eat Here.. Speeding? Cops Will Call Your Mom.. Dog Hoarder.. Kicking The Oil Habit

New U.S. Broadband Target Embarasses Canadian Internet Speeds

Broadband Internet
John Lamb via Getty Images

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Shake Shack FTW.. Secret Of Ikea's Success.. Telco Renames Customer 'A**hole'

3,000 Ontario Nurses, Health Workers Go Out On Strike

Wheelchair Empty
chromatika via Getty Images

Kinder Morgan Has Second Thoughts On Taking Protesters To Court

Kinder Morgan

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'Doctor' Gave Botox Injections.. Deadly RCMP Shooting.. Vancouver Bidding Wars

This Is When Target's Liquidation Sales Will Begin

Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press

Netanyahu Accused Of Election Ploy After Push For New Settlements

MENAHEM KAHANA via Getty Images

What Other Nations Have Done To Combat Terrorism

David Cameron Francis Hollande

Opposition Tread Carefully On Anti-Terror Bill

Paul Dewar

Why Has Ikea Succeeded In Canada When Others Have Failed?

Look Who's Back On Twitter

Patrick Brazeau

Feds Accuses Law Firm Of Charging 'Intentionally Inflated' Fees

Merchant Law Group

Government Wants $25 Million Back

Suddenly, Canadian Banks Don't Look All That Safe

Canadian Banks Offshore Tax Havens

Big Win For ISIS In Iraq


More Legal Trouble For Uber

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Man Posing As Magazine Photographer Charged With Sexual Assault

Peter Malko

Badly Designed B.C. Mine Dam Like 'Loading The Gun'

Mount Polley Mine
Jonathan Hayward/CP

Tiger's Worst Pro Round Ever


This CEO Just Lost A Fist Fight At A TD Bank Conference

Clive Johnson B2gold

The Unsolved Terror Attack At The Center Of Argentina's Political Crisis


She's Raking In The Cash

Christine Elliott

He's Not Running For President

Mitt Romney
Sandy Huffaker via Getty Images

Canada's Economy Shrinks

jmiks via Getty Images

5 Things To Know About New Anti-Terror Measures

Stephen Harper Steven Blaney

Hoard Your Toilet Paper -- The Left Is Coming!

Greece Austerity
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Spared the Lash.. For Another Week

Raif Badawi

Spending Cuts Help Shrink Deficit

Joe Oliver

Home Hunting? Bad Credit? Not A Problem..

Rob Daly via Getty Images


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What Nutritionists Eat For Lunch

Quinoa Green Bean
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WATCH: 10 Magic Tricks That'll Leave You Flabbergasted

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This 1 Quote Proves Terry Crews Should Be Everyone's Favourite Feminist

Terry Crews Ama
Young Hollywood via Getty Images

Be Street Smart When Eating From Food Trucks

Smiling Food Worker
Hero Images via Getty Images

19 Things To Know If You've Jumped On The Seahawks Bandwagon

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40 Surprising Celebs Who Changed Their Birth Names

Celebrity Birth Names
Getty Images

New 'Game Of Thrones' Photos Make Us Pine For Show's Return

Game Of Thrones Season 5

Katy Perry Proves Once Again She's Not One For Subtlety

Katy Perry
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

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A Father's Open Letter To His Son's Disease

Man Writing Angry
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

WATCH: Don't Tell This 13-Year-Old Girl She Can't Sing

Madison Tevlin Singing

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This Dog Either Loves Tennis Or Is Really Confused

Dog Tennis

What Can Manuka Honey Do For Your Health?

Manuka Honey Benefits
LazingBee via Getty Images

The Flu Vaccine Was Basically Useless This Year

Flu Vaccine Didnt Work
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc via Getty Images

'Football Cocoons' To Warm Babies Born On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Babies
Windsor Regional Hospital

The Most Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Costumes

Shania Twain Super Bowl
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The Most Stylish Decades For Movies

Atonement Keira Knightley
Focus Features/courtesy Everett Collection

Deadmau5 Says Goodbye Purrari, Hello.. Nyanborghini?

Nyanborghini Deadmau5

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Howard Stern Has Never Farted In Front Of His Wife

Beth Stern
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

'Harry Potter' Star Rushed To Hospital

Robbie Coltrane
Ian West/PA Archive

This Study May Have Uncovered Why Psychopaths Don't Learn From Their Crimes

Olson Bernardo Bundy

WATCH: Alberta Man Becomes First Person To Climb Niagara Falls

Will Gadd Niagara Falls
RedBull YouTube Screegrab

13 Healthy Foods To Eat When You Can't Poop

Constipation Foods

Leafs Goalie Misses Puck From Beyond Centre

Jonathan Bernier

10 Thankless Jobs We've All Had To Take At Some Point In Our Lives

Candidly Nicole Episode 4

Backstreet Boys: Montreal Radio And A MuchMusic Gig Made Our Career

Backstreet Boys 1996

Former Student Admits Filming Solo Sex Scene In College Library: Cops


Holy Guacamole!

Getty Images