Rob Ford, The Pride Parade And Twitter Reaction To The Toronto Mayor's Decision To Skip It

First Posted: 06/23/11 08:34 AM ET   Updated: 08/23/11 06:12 AM ET

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is under fire this morning on all fronts after he announced he would skip Toronto's Pride parade in favour of a weekend at the cottage. Ford would be the first mayor of the mega-city to miss the event, which draws an estimated million people to the city's core each year for a celebration of gay life in Toronto, the Toronto Sun reports.

The reaction has been swift and passionate on Twitter. Here are some of the Tweets we saw this morning.

Natalie Alcoba
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Natalie Alcoba
Doug Ford says criticism of Mayor missing Pride parade pure politics. \"Rob doesn\'t care if someone is gay, straight, purple, pink, white\"
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