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It's a big world out there, with plenty of things clamouring for our attention. But there are the things we keep returning to, the ones we can't get enough of. Each week, Attention Getter shows you what's charming the Huffington Post Canada Living team and what we think will charm you too.

It's been a long week. It's December. And you know you're in need of a dance break.

So we're happy to be able to fulfil that request with Girl Walk's fantastic new video. This first instalment in the collective's project to record a feature-length music video film, set to the All Day album from mashup artist Girl Talk (of copyright-bending fame), truly has it all: the struggling ballerina who just wants to crump, the pop-and-locking welder, the dapper tap dancer, and some truly beautiful shots of New York City.

Created with the help of crowd funding, filmmaker Jacob Krupnick seems to have hit a nerve with this idea. The unconventional style of dancer Anne Marsen brings it to life, seemingly without effort.

And really, it's just the kind of tune to shake your butt to (though we will warn you about the explicit language. This is a headphones-only jam if you're in an office). So kick back, click on, and enjoy all the stares as you try to keep from dancing.

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