Boxing Day Shopping Tips: How To Do It Right

Boxing Day Shopping Tips

The Huffington Post Canada   Posted: 12/25/11 05:33 PM ET

Boxing Day isn't for everyone. By the time December 26 rolls around, some people are so sick of stores (or so broke) after buying tons of holiday presents, they can't face the cash register again.

But for others, Boxing Day is an event they anticipate all year. Though it's being slightly undercut by Canadian Black Friday sales, which helpfully appear before Christmas, having a holiday dedicated almost entirely to shopping can be a dream come true.

Entering into the event, however, is not for the lighthearted. Stores are crowded, people conveniently forget their holiday spirit at home, and there's only so many of each item. That's why we've gathered together our most helpful tips for getting through Boxing Day efficiently, minimizing lineups and hassles as much as possible. We wish you great deals and friendly salespeople.

Wear Appropriate Clothing
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Appropriate for Boxing Day has nothing to do with the weather -- in fact, it generally means dressing the opposite of what's going on outside. We suggest leggings and a tank top, and no coat if at all possible. That way, there's nothing to carry through crowded, and you can easily try clothes on without having to stand in long lines for changerooms.