Amber MacArthur's On-Trend Apps To Kick-Start Your 2012

The Huffington Post Canada     First Posted: 01/20/12 09:20 AM ET   Updated: 01/20/12 09:20 AM ET

We're well into January, and we have one question for you -- how are you doing with your New Year's resolutions? Are you on target? Have they fallen by the wayside?

If you need a little kick in the pants (or Little Black Dress), we have some advice for you from the very stylish and in-the-know journalist, Amber MacArthur. Better know as "Amber Mac," she's one gal who has a lot on the go, from speaking throughout the world about social media marketing to running MGImedia, a web strategy company based in Toronto, to chasing after her toddler Conner.

Her advice to getting your resolutions back on track? Reach for your nearest smartphone or tablet and do some serious mobile housekeeping. "Delete the apps you no longer use and organize the ones you love into specific content categories so they're easier to find. Also, ask friends and family what apps they use… it's a great way to get download recommendations."

Check out five of the top iPad apps for fashion. Story continues below.

Gilt Groupe
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Fashionista gave the app rave reviews, praising it for its catalog-like interface and noting that "the resolution on the iPad screen is so brilliant that Gilt says it’s the best of three devices the e-tailer operates on." And Gilt is giving a $10 credit to the first 10,000 who download the app who are also entirely new to the site.
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She adds, there's an app for pretty much every task imaginable. "Looking to test the ripeness of your watermelon? Try Melon Meter. Want to whip up a perfect a Windsor Knot? Give Tie Right a whirl. Are you curious about the nutritional content of your Big Mac? Use the McDonald's calorie calculator."

"As I'm sure you can imagine, my iPhone is littered with dozens of apps. Not all of them are well-used; in fact, there are probably only a dozen downloads that I access on a regular basis. For easy note-taking and making lists, I'm a big fan of Evernote. To share photos and post social updates, I'm starting to rely on the new social networking app Path. If you're looking for a fun way to get instant feedback on your fashion choices, Fashism fills that need. Post a photo of what you're wearing and within seconds your followers will tell you if your outfit is hot or not."

MacArthur says she's staying on track with her resolutions with the Goal Setting Workshop app -- it monitors your progress and reminds you of your goals throughout 2012.

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