Toronto Fashion Week 2012: Beauty Trends To Try For Fall (PHOTOS)

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Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012 was a mix of piglets on the catwalk, models walking barefoot, and textured fabrics like feathers and fur. And the hair and makeup also made their own impact -- and the beauty trends that emerged may be the most attainable of all the drama seen on that runway.

We saw everything from black lipstick at Caitlin Power, dramatic eyeliner at VAWK and Victorian-style braided hair at Chloe Comme Parris. Even with a range of designers throughout the week, there were five trends that were shown repeatedly on the runway.

This year, besides changing Fashion Week's official name to World MasterCard Fashion Week, the beauty scene received new sponsorship from Maybelline Canada for makeup and REDKEN for hair. Grace Lee, the head makeup artist for Maybelline Canada, says many designers had a focus on the eyes and lips. From layers of mascara to nude and dark lips, Lee helped create signature colours and textures for each collection. We also saw trends in nails from Essie Canada with printed patterns, matte finishes and dark purple stick-ons.

Here's how to take the beauty looks we loved from the runway and add them to your personal style.

The Dark Lip
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WHY WE LOVE IT: A dramatic dark purple, red -- and, if you're up for it -- even black lipstick, easily brings attention to the face. If you do try this look, remember that honing in on one part of your face will make your look bolder -- skip the dark lashes if you're going for a dark lip.

WHERE WE SAW IT: Chloe Comme Parris, Caitlin Power, Pink Tartan, David Dixon, Martin Lim

HOW TO: Using a dark lip liner, trace the outline of your lips. Use your favourite dark lipstick and fill in the lip. Don't rub your lips together -- apply an even amount on both lips. If your natural lip colour has a brown hue, you can use a neutral primer to make the lipstick look brighter. To finish, use a similar toned lipgloss with an added touch of shimmer.

PRODUCTS TO TRY: Maybelline Super Stay in Ravishing Rouge,
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, Lancome Colour Fever

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