Is guilt the main ingredient in brownies? The fat content practically guarantees eater's remorse, so trying out a Nearly No Fat Fudge Brownies recipe that substitutes non-fat yogurt for fatty oil or butter makes a lot of sense.

Baking with non-fat yogurt reduces fats found in desserts while maintaining their rich texture, according to This benefits heart-smart bakers, as baking staples with saturated or trans fats can lead to high cholesterol levels and heart disease, in addition to a larger waistline, says.

Not to mention a cup of non-fat yogurt contains one-third of the daily recommended calcium intake and an estimated 17 per cent of daily recommended protein, Elaine Magee, MPH, RD writes on In addition, yogurt is a good source of vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

Try using non-fat yogurt by following the Nearly No Fat Fudge Brownies recipe in the video above (reproduced below), and read on to find out how to replace high-fat ingredients such as shortening, butter, oil and sour cream with this healthy alternative.

Nearly No Fat Fudge Brownies
Recipe courtesy of Astro.

125 ml (1/2 cup) chocolate, melted
250 ml (1 cup) plain non-fat yogurt
125 ml (1/2 cup) sugar
175 ml (3/4 cup) flour
125 ml (1/2 cup) cocoa powder
1 ml (1/4 tsp) baking soda
125 ml (1/2 cup) water

1. Preheat over to 350 F (180 C).
2. Mix melted chocolate, plain non-fat yogurt, and sugar in a bowl.
3. Use a sieve to sift baking soda, flour and cocoa powder into chocolate mixture and stir until combined.
4. Add water into mixture and stir until combined. Pour into a pan measuring 8”x8” and insert into oven.
5. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Test with a toothpick.
6. Let cool.

*NB: Low-fat recipes can turn out exceptionally dry when overbaked, so be sure to adhere to the toothpick test!

Bakers can substitute yogurt for a variety of ingredients as follows, according to

  • Sub in equal amounts of yogurt for sour cream
  • Halve the amount of butter, add 1/4 cup of yogurt for each cup of butter
  • Cut the amount of oil or shortening in half, add 3/4 of yogurt for each cup of oil or shortening that you remove.