Oh, Stephen Harper, we just don't know what to do with you -- sartorially anyway.

We appreciate that on your trip to Colombia you took a minute to kick-back and enjoy the hot beach scene (obviously taking a break from important Summit of the Americas meetings).

But, Prime Minister, we've chatted about your fashion faux pas before. While this one doesn't take the cake, it certainly has us scratching our heads about why you thought this was appropriate beach attire.

Presumably your trip to the seashore was spur of the moment. And we'd like to think you saw the ocean and couldn't resist dipping your feet in (we envision you ripping off your tie, rolling up your pants to make clamdiggers and untucking your white dress shirt while running toward the water). But still: you represent this country -- and we'd like to start seeing you make some better "time and place appropriate" wardrobe choices. This photo-op is just plain awkward!

Could one of the many people surrounding you in these images not have packed a bag full of shorts and T-shirts for you to don "in the event" you decided to take in the sea breeze? What about sunglasses: you should really protect your eyes from the sun's rays. And sunscreen: we hope you're wearing some -- the scorching Colombian sun cannot be good for your pale skin.

Just some things to think about for the next time you hit the beach.

Check out some other Canadian political fashion faux pas (and celebrations!) below. There's also a slideshow of some highlights from Stephen Harper's trip to South America.

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  • Jack Layton's Moustache

    Before any hipster resurgence, before any Movember movement, there was Jack Layton and his moustache. His outfits may not have been anything out of the ordinary, but the late leader of the NDP party is an excellent example of how to perfect one's signature look. His moustache came to symbolize his warmth, sincerity and approachability, and made him one of the most recognized -- and most missed -- icons on the Canadian political scene. He's shown here on the campaign trail in Kitchener, Ontario on March 29, 2011. <em>Credit: AFP/Getty Images</em>

  • Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

    This 1968 photo -- of then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (front left) and his new cabinet arriving for swearing-in ceremonies at Government House in Ottawa -- reminds us of the Brat Pack. The suits. The glasses. The sharp ties! A few of Canada's current politicians could learn a thing or two from the stylishness that was one of Canada's most beloved, most controversial and best-dressed PMs. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Stockwell Day In A Wetsuit

    Shortly after winning a seat in Parliament for the newly-formed Canadian Alliance party in 2000, Stockwell Day thought it would be a good idea to wear this to his very first press conference -- a wetsuit. Don't even get us started on the fact he arrived on a jet ski. But a wet-suit? Really? You're a politician, not a professional surfer. We wish you'd kept the water toys for summer trips to your cottage, Mr. Day, for this is an image we can't forget. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Justin Trudeau And Sophie Grégoire Get Married

    In a "Royal Wedding" moment, Sophie Grégoire married Justin Trudeau, son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and now Liberal MP. The wedding, which happened in Montreal on May 28, 2005, was covered heavily by the media, and the newlyweds didn't disappoint style-wise. The bride's vintage-inspired gown and the groom's dashing tan suit all added to the romance of the moment, particularly when they sped off from the ceremony in Trudeau's father's 1960 Mercedes 300 SL. The Trudeaus are the closest thing Canada's got to the Kennedys, and the new couple carried off their most public moment in fine style. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • The Trudeaus Wear Fur

    When the Trudeau-Gregoire family sent their annual Christmas card in 2010 with a portrait of them decked out in Canada Goose jackets, the, err, fur started flying. <a href="http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/story/2010/12/17/trudeau-fur-card-protest.html" target="_hplink">Activist group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) slammed the MP for his "lurid" card</a>, claiming the coyote fur used in Canada Goose outwear is acquired inhumanely. Trudeau defended his and his family's choice, saying he was proud to support Canadian-made products and, heck, it was "mostly just a Christmas card." <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier

    Check out Wilfrid Laurier and his travel attire in this undated pic, snapped during the former PMs final tour of western Canada. Even when laid-back he looks dapper with a paper-boy hat, a vest, pocket square and a smoking jacket. If only he could have passed his style advice on to... <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper

    ... Our current Prime Minister Stephen Harper. We are almost lost for words when looking at this outfit. Harper, centre, chose to wear what amounts to a fishing vest on a trip to Mexico in 2006 (where he visited with U.S. President George Bush (left) and Mexican President Vincente Fox (right)). See how Bush and Fox are decked out in desert duds? Light linen shirts, khakis? Ya, that's what you wear in the desert. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper

    If the fishing vest incident wasn't bad enough, we present you with this image of Canada's current Prime Minister at the Calgary Stampede. We're speechless. The leather vest is too short, the hat too big and the white shirt too tight. We blame his handlers for not directing him in a better sartorial direction. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Hilary Weston

    If you're a former model-turned-political figure-turned-philanthropist and wife of one of the richest and most fashionable men in the country (Galen Weston, pictured right, has a controlling interest in Loblaw Companies Limited and owns Holt Renfrew and Selfridges), you know a thing or two about fashion. And you can successfully pull off a mean pair of floral pants with a bright purple shirt -- not an easy feat for anyone. <em>Credit: John Morstad/CP/Globe and Mail</em>

  • Former Governor General Michaëlle Jean

    Pictured here with her family, husband Jean-Daniel Laford and daughter Marie-Eden, former Governor General Michaëlle Jean is perhaps one of the most stylish political figures and journalists in recent Canadian history. She rocks a short, cropped 'Halle Berry' haircut like it's nobody's business and always looks smart in her bright-coloured suits. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Jessica Brownstein & Ben Mulroney Get Married

    Talk about a power couple: Jessica Brownstein, a fashion stylist and heir to the Browns shoe retailer fortune, and Ben Mulroney, son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and an entertainment correspondent for eTalk, married on October 30, 2008. Because the pair are regularly photographed for social columns, and what they wear is a popular topic, they tried to keep their Montreal wedding under wraps. Here is one of the few images leaked from their sartorially savvy big day -- they looked good tying the knot, even if none of us got to see. <em>Credit: Getty Images</em>

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird

    Conservative MP John Baird sure likes to cause a fuss during question period. And while we're sure he's making an important point on the state of Canada's international affairs, we always find ourselves getting distracted by his ties. He can rock a mean one. This green one works perfectly with the tone of his suit... <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird

    ... And then there's this tie which matches a) the setting of the House of Commons perfectly and b) plays well off his serious hand gestures -- the diagonal black stripe in the middle of this tie corresponds nicely with the angle he holds his hand at when yelling. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • B.C. Premier Christy Clark

    It wasn't what this west coast premier was wearing during question period that caused an uproar, but, ahem, what she wasn't covering up. In October 2011, political analyst and former MLA David Schreck caused a flurry in the Twitterverse after he sent out a tweet commenting on her cleavage. "Is Premier Clark's cleavage revealing attire appropriate for the legislature?" Schreck was promptly called out by Twitter users who suggested his remark was sexist. Clark, for her part, rebutted saying the suggestion her outfit was inappropriate is "unfair criticism" that dissuades young girls from entering politics. <em>Credit: British Columbia Government</em>

  • Former Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe

    Poor Gilles Duceppe. We're almost positive the then-leader of the Bloc Québécois was made to wear this hairnet while touring a cheese factory in Quebec in 1997 (just look at his face, he seems none too pleased). But we can't help but giggle a little at this image. Hairnets look good on no one, especially politicians. <em>Credit: CBC</em>

  • NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan

    Photoshop controversies are a regular occurrence in the style world -- either a model is missing a limb or a celebrity's legs have been "thinned" out. But this style faux pas takes the cake: after some Parliamentarians reportedly spoke out against her "revealing" headshot (which showed a bit of cleavage), this image appeared online. As you can see, the pic completely edits out her décolletage. And on behalf of the 29-year-old Tamil MP we ask: what's so racy about wearing a white scoop-neck top, a green necklace and showing a bit of cleavage? <em>Credit: Wikipedia</em>

  • Peter MacKay & Nazanin Afshin-Jam

    Once one of the most eligible and smartly-dressed bachelors in Canada, the Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay recently married Nazanin Afshin-Jam, an Iranian-Canadian model, singer, human rights activist and a former Miss World Canada. What a stylish, striking pair they make: here the couple can be seen wearing well-cut blazers en route to a cabinet swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa in May 2011. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Canada's First Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald

    Any dude who can rock a) a gigantic fur coat, b) kick-start a country and c) look dapper doing it all gets our vote for being one of the most fashionable people in Canada. Just look at Sir John A., our first Prime Minister. He is owning this look. And by the grin on his face, he knows it. <em>Credit: <a href="http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/023/013/index-e.html" target="_hplink">Library And Archives Canada</a></em>

  • Mila Mulroney

    Not many people could steal the sartorial spotlight from Princess Diana, but Mila Mulroney -- wife of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney -- known for her love of shoulder pads, did just that in 1991 during a visit with Diana and Prince Charles. Look at Mila's dress -- paired with her auburn locks, its emerald colour pops. It's an incredible look when compared to the "simple" and "basic" shades her guests and husband are wearing. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • MP Rona Ambrose

    A woman in a powersuit means business, and Rona Ambrose, the Minister of Public Works and Government Services for Canada, apparently wants to do just that. This grey suit -- and many of the others she consistently wears -- fits her perfectly and screams, "I am woman." She's strong, powerful and confident, and it shows in her wardrobe. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau

    This 27-year-old NDP MP caused an uproar after being elected to Parliament in the 2011 federal election. Significant concerns were raised about her proficiency in French, her age, her looks and a trip she took to Las Vegas during the election campaign. But as a young and fashionable woman in Parliament, we're willing to give Brosseau a bit of a break. We're looking forward to seeing what she brings to the House of Commons, in terms of her political views and fashion statements. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Belinda Stronach As A Blond

    Former MP Belinda Stronach is easily one of the most prominent female figures in Canada. She's photographed everywhere -- at parties, at events, while doing her groceries. And there's a good reason for that: she's stunning. Her natural blond locks and her huge smile make her seem friendly and approachable -- she's also a favourite of Canadian designers, often sitting front row at Toronto Fashion Week. <em>Credit: CP</em>

  • Belinda Stronach With Brown Hair

    As a sartorially smart woman, we were confounded by Stronach's choice to dye her blond locks brown. This hair hue make the naturally stunning lady look washed-out. Some people are just better off blond. <em>Credit: CP</em>