Embarrassing Items In Your Desk: 10 Things We're Often Embarrassed About (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post Canada  |  Posted: 04/20/2012 5:32 pm

It happens to most of us: Tampons or pads laying beside our computer or underwear falling out of gym bags at work. Your office desk is often your home away from home, yet some women are still embarrassed by everyday items.

If you've ever had your boss walk by and question your desk items, remember, you're probably more embarrassed than they are. Let's face it, our prescription pills, deodorant and tampons are nothing to be ashamed of. Being embarrassed by these items usually starts before you even bring them to work. How often do you double-bag your tampons at drug stores or make excuses about carrying your 'friend's' pills?

There is one housekeeping rule we do recommend, and that's ensuring your desk surfaces are squeaky clean. A clean desk can be a significant stress reducer, according to ITworld.com. "Studies have shown a reduction in the stress level of workers when their clean desktops promote paying attention to one thing at a time," according to the site.

What are you most embarrassed about on your desk? Let us know in the comments below, or at @HuffPostCaLiv.

Here are 10 items you're probably embarrassed by -- and why you shouldn't be:

  • Socks

    Yes, we all sweat. And yes, sometimes our feet get wet in the rain or snow. Having an extra pair of socks in your desk can save you on a smelly day or just keep your toes warm. If the socks start stinking, however, it might be worth getting a little red-faced.

  • Underwear

    There can be several reasons why people keep underwear in their desks. Maybe they shower at the gym, enjoy after-work sleepovers or just like to have fresh underwear in their drawers -- after all, it's what you do at home, right?

  • Deodorant

    Face it: we all sweat from our pits, and some of us sweat more than others. Keeping deodorant in your desk should never be shameful, but a reminder to keep yourself comfortable in your work wear (and opt for breathable fabrics).

  • Food

    If you love to munch at your desk, make sure you throw out any unwanted food. For the most part, you shouldn't be embarrassed by junk food or hot sauces -- you may want to consider throwing out that rotten apple though.

  • Extra Shoes

    Still have your winter boots under your desk? You're probably not alone. A lot of women have several pairs of shoes or even coats in their work areas. Should you be embarrassed? No. Just make sure you have enough room to move around.

  • Book Titles

    "Dating for Dummies" or "A List Of The Best Romance Novels" are probably not the titles you want to get caught with. But we say own it -- leaving personal favourites on your desk should be a path to starting conversations with your co-workers.

  • Paycheque

    Ever wonder what kind of salary the person beside you is making? Most of us do. For this one, we don't recommend your leaving personal financial numbers out in the open -- not for embarrassment, but for safety.

  • Cigarettes

    There are often employees in offices who hide their smoking habits because they're worried about others' disapproval. Hey, if you smoke, that's your choice -- and if you're worried about the backlash, try talking to close friends at work about their opinions, and whether it's worth the concern.

  • Prescribed Pills

    Bladder infection this week? Some people are embarrassed about leaving their pill bottles on their desks because they don't want others judging them or knowing their business. Listen, if you have a health problem, these pills are meant to heal you -- but you might want to tuck them snugly in your purse.

  • Tampons

    Maybe we should take a trip back to grade five health class as a reminder that all women go through this. No really, we do. If you're still embarrassed about keeping pads or tampons in or on your desk, we can't help you -- but only reassure you that it's nothing to be ashamed of. Ever.

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