Stephen Harper: Jeopardy Contestants Fail To Guess Name Of Canada's Prime Minister (VIDEO)

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Stephen Harper Jeopardy Video
None of the contestants on Jeopardy were able to identify Stephen Harper as the answer to a question on Thursday night's show.

We know Americans aren't always experts when it comes to Canada, but we expect more from Jeopardy contestants.

On Thursday night's show, none of the competitors were able to identify Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The question (or answer if you're picky) was: "At a 2009 black tie gala, Yo-Yo accompanied this prime minister of Canada, who sang 'With a Little Help from My Friends.'"

If you're Canadian, there is little hope you've managed to forget (no matter how hard you've tried) this musical moment. Americans? A different story.

This isn't the only Canadian fail on Jeopardy in recent memory. Watson, the IBM supercomputer who easily bested champion Ken Jennings, made headlines last year with his final answer on the show.

The category was U.S. cities, but Watson answered "Toronto" to a question on an airport named after a Second World War hero.

This also isn't the first time contestants have been asked about a Canadian PM. But in the past they usually answered correctly.

Check out other hilarious Harper moments in the slideshow below.

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  • The Hat

    It seems the hat is balances carefully on the top of the head, rather than being worn. Stephen Harper, far left, watches a third round match between Agnieszka Radwanska, of Poland, and Serbia's Jelena Jankovic with his children Rachel, center, and Benjamin, right, at the 2012 US Open tennis tournament, Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012, in New York.

  • The Vest

    Who can forget this Calgary Stampede ensemble? (CP)

  • The Other Vest

    Harper, centre, chose to wear what amounts to a fishing vest on a trip to Mexico in 2006 (where he visited with U.S. President George Bush (left) and Mexican President Vincente Fox (right)). See how Bush and Fox are decked out in desert duds? Light linen shirts, khakis? Ya, that's what you wear in the desert. (CP)

  • The Headdress

    Harper wears a headdress after being made an honourary chief of the Blood tribe during a ceremony in Stand Off, Alberta in 2011.

  • The Brooding Teen

    Harper was a teenager once too.

  • The Beach Walk

    <a href="" target="_hplink">Harper took an awkward walk</a> along the beach in Colombia on a recent trip. (Getty)

  • If You Were A Vegetable?

    "I would choose to be a fruit, just what I am, sweet and colourful."

  • Harper Does Neil Diamond

  • Harper Does The Who

  • Harper Does The Rolling Stones

  • Harper Does The Proclaimers

  • Harper Does The Guess Who

  • Steve Harvey Gets Embarrassed

    On "Family Feud," you can be penalized for removing the filter between your brain and your mouth.

  • Incredible Solve

    This video, where a woman amazingly solved a long puzzled based on one "L", made the rounds on the Internet last year.

  • Classic

    In one of the most classic game show clips of all time, long rumored to be an urban legend, a "Newlywed Game" contestant gives an anatomical answer to the question: "What's the strangest place you've been tempted to make whoopee?"

  • Naked Grandma

    There's just something that delights "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey about the phrase "naked grandma."

  • Pill Pushers

    One of the funniest could-be-correct-but-isn't solves ever on "Wheel of Fortune."

  • Shita

    In this clip from "Jeopardy!" in the '80s, a European contestant takes a Japanese word a little too literally, much to Trebek's delight.

  • Decade

    This surprising moment happens when the "Newlywed Game" contestant proves she knows precisely how dumb her husband is, to the tee.

  • Banana

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  • One Letter

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