Party Planning Tips: 10 Ways To Throw A Great Party For Friends, Family And Royals (PHOTOS)

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We were all enamored when Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot last year. Our eyes -- and millions of others -- were glued to our TV sets as we drank tea in glorious hats, lavish dresses and accessories. The wedding was as extravagant as we imaged, but what happened at the 'after-party'? Since they had such a grand wedding, we can only imagine the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their guests partied the night away.

And wouldn't it be great to throw a party such as theirs? In celebration of Will and Kate's one year anniversary, we've put together a list of things you can do to throw a royal wedding-inspired party.

Your party won't be exactly the same as the duke and duchess's -- who wouldn't love to have Prince Harry at their event? -- but you can rest assured your guests will feel like royalty.

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  • Recruit Royal Friends

    Whether you're throwing a royal wedding-inspired event/party, you're going to need help. It's no small feat to recreate a royal bash. Try and recruit family members and friends who are fans of Will and Kate and/or love to party. Two brains -- or more -- are better than one.

  • Who To Invite

    The duke and duchess invited only their closest family and friends -- 650 were invited to the afternoon reception and 300 of their more intimate friends attended the evening reception. Now, you obviously don't want to invite 950 guests. Once you've picked out which lucky friends of yours will be receiving invitations, take to the Internet. You have a <a href="" target="_hplink">plethora of options to choose from</a>. For your online invitations, stick to a colour theme of white, silver/gold (the same as this prince and princess). <em>Photo: Pippa Middleton in a teal green gown at the reception dinner.</em>

  • Colour Theme

    Once you've gathered your troops, it's time to figure out your colour theme. If you want to have the full Queen Of England effect, red, white and blue is the way to go. If you don't want your party to be mistaken for an American-themed one (also red, white and blue), a more subtle colour choice would be gold/silver and white.

  • Delectable Edibles

    During their afternoon reception, Will and Kate opted to serve cornish crab, Scottish smoked salmon, quail's eggs and miniature Yorkshire puddings to their guests, according to <a href="" target="_hplink"></a>. Which of these items you choose to put on your menu depends on how busy you want to be in the kitchen. We think catering is the way to go. If you want to create your own canapes, the <a href=",0,1350341.photogallery" target="_hplink">LA Times has 20 different ones</a> that will impress your guest.

  • Champagne

    With the venue, colour theme and food picked out, we get to -- as some would say -- the most important part: alcohol. Champagne was the drink of choice for the newlyweds during the first half of their reception -- we can only guess what was on tap later that night.

  • Venue

    You've picked your party theme, the colours and even the menu is being prepared, but where are you going to have your party? Unfortunately, we don't have Buckingham Palace on speed dial -- otherwise we'd give them a call. For a mini-sized royal party, we suggest sticking to what you know best: your home. All you have to do is spruce it up a little. This is where your colour choices kick in.

  • Decorations

    For a subtle, but elegant look, take inspiration from Kate's wedding dress. Cover up your tables with a lace tablecloth. White or ivory serviettes will do. For an added touch, tie silver/gold ribbon around them. Adorn windows with long, white curtains as well.

  • Added Touch

    Kate's favourite flower is said to the be the white lily and was included in her all-white bouquet. If the lily-of-the-valley is too steep a price, adorn your venue with any white flower of your choosing.

  • Fun And Celebration

    Just because they're royalty, doesn't mean they're uptight. We all know how much Prince Harry likes to party. With him as best man, the music must have been flowing. Don't be too selective with your playlist. Depending on your guests' age group, include top hits. Pretty the sure the Queen would love to show us her moves to 'Party Rock.'

  • End Of The Night

    Assuming that you throw the most fabulous party your friends have ever been to, many are going to be staying the night -- so you want to be prepared when morning comes. Ever the night in shining armour, Prince Harry took control and <a href="" target="_hplink">organized a survivors breakfast</a> complete with bacon butties and coffee, according to

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