Beauty Lies: Why You Shouldn't Always Believe What Labels Say (PHOTOS)

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Ever picked up a beauty product to read the label and scoffed at the ridiculous claims it makes: "use and dark under eye circles will disappear," "instant results," "100 per cent all-natural?"

Do any of these claims really have validity?

According to Dermalogica skin therapist Amanda Matcham, no. If a label promises too much, the product may be too good to be true.

Here are 10 "beauty label lies" to look out for.

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  • Instant Brightener

    Many beauty products claim they can 'instantly brighten.' But a dulled complexion is a hard skin condition to treat, so it may actually take weeks to notice any improvements.

  • Make Dark Circles Disappear

    Wondering why you have dark circles under your eyes? There are many reasons why, two being genetics and allergies. The chances of making your dark under eye circles disappear are slim to none. Nothing will completely remove dark circles, you can only improve the area by brightening it up.

  • Rebuild Collagen

    Collagen is an essential protein that's responsible for providing your tissues structural support i.e. flexibility of your skin. Once in your mid-20s, production of collagen begins to slow down -- smoking and not protecting your skin from the sun can hasten this process. Once collagen is gone you can't rebuild it, you can only stimulate what you have left.

  • 100 Per Cent All Natural

    Most things have to go through some sort of chemical process to be put into a cream/tub. If you take a carrot straight from the earth and apply it to a product, it has to be refined somehow to be used in the product.

  • Goodbye Cellulite

    'Goodbye cellulite' makes people think the product will remove their cellulite (on its own), which is a very tricky condition to treat even when diet and lifestyle are altered.

  • Preservation Free

    All products have to have some sort of preservative in it to be able to last longer than a few days.

  • Eliminate Acne

    'Eliminate acne, fast and effectively': Acne is a skin disease that has a lot to do with stress and hormones. We can help to keep it under control and maintain it with proper skin-care regimens. Everyone has a different skin type and eliminating acne fast and effectively isn't going to work for many.

  • Hypoallergenic

    If a product label says 'hypoallergenic' that doesn't mean you won't have an allergic reaction to it. Sometimes these products still contain artificial fragrances and dyes that can cause irritation.

  • Minimizing Pores

    'Minimizing pore face wash': A cleanser is washed off, therefore it wouldn't even have time to minimize pores.

  • Guaranteed Results

    When have you ever had an 100 success rate? If beauty products worked 100 per cent of the time, we wouldn't need to use them at some point.

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