In an age of high-speed Internet, iPads and 5.9 billion mobile phone subscriptions, it's safe to say the online world has replaced the newspaper as the chief of the media landscape. But there's some good news for those in the print media industry: young people still read newspapers.

According to a data by GfK MRI, a German company specializing in media and consumer research in the United States, those between the ages of 18-24 are on track with adults when it comes to moderate newspaper reading.

Roughly 52 per cent of young adults are picking up newspapers at least once a month and at times, read the dead-tree edition of the news fourteen times a month, reports NPR. Yes, actually reading, as in not noticing newspapers on a table, not using newspapers to line bird cages and not using newspapers for paper-mâché art but reading newspapers for the sake of seeking new information.

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