'My Final Goodbye': Sick Teen's Heartbreaking Video Inspires

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Death isn't a topic most people want to broach regularly, and when we do think about it, it's often with a chill running down our spines.

But for 17-year-old Australian Shaun Wilson-Miller, that's not an option. The Melbourne teen has contended with heart problems for his whole life, and last week, he discovered his body was rejecting his second heart transplant, and a third wasn't possible, according to 9 News.

Instead of throwing a tantrum or screaming about life's unfairness (though we certainly wouldn't fault him for that), Wilson-Miller recorded a YouTube video, saying goodbye to his family and friends, and calling life "an awesome ride."

"I hope I left footprints in all of your hearts," he said in the video. "Because I'm going to miss you is all, and I love you dearly."

He asked his friends to take care of his dad, and said he's happy now, because he has a girlfriend.

Sadly, some commenters accused Wilson-Miller of faking the video, compelling him to post another one entitled "I Am Not A Fake," and showing his scar from his transplants.

But the vast majority felt touched by his message, even recording their own responses to the video and sending messages of encouragement.

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