Outside of shopping with a best friend or a trusted pal, how are we really supposed to know if we're making a smart clothing purchase? One company seems to have figured out how.

C&A, a clothing retailer from Europe, has created hangers which display the "approval" (aka: "likes") a particular clothing item has received on Facebook. The concept -- which is being rolled out in Brazil and is dubbed "Fashion Like" -- is simple: the clothing items available in the store are listed on the retailer's Facebook page. Whenever an item is "liked" on Facebook a digit is added to the front side of the hanger.

The invention, we have to say, adds a whole new dimension to savvily shopping for clothes. We have our favourite fashion apps and we do our best to avoid buying ridiculous clothing inventions. Still, we're not sure what we think of these hangers.

Would seeing an article of clothing with a high Facebook approval rating make you purchase the item?

Check out some of the hottest looks for spring/summer as worn by bloggers from across the web.

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  • Emily

    Emily Schuman of <a href="http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/" target="_hplink">Cupcakes and Cashmere</a> is wearing a J. Crew dress. She says, "There's nothing that makes me more excited about the arrival of warm weather [than] an unapologetically bright sundress."

  • Gabi

    Gabi of <a href="http://www.gabifresh.com/" target="_hplink">Gabifresh</a> pairs a neon-yellow dress from Very.com with bold purple shoes.

  • Gracey

    Gracey of <a href="http://fashionforgiants.blogspot.com/" target="_hplink">Fashion for Giants</a> wears a neon-yellow top from J. Crew.

  • Rocquelle

    Rocquelle P. of <a href="http://considermelovely.com/" target="_hplink">Consider Me Lovely</a> in a neon lace skirt from ASOS.

  • Tanvi

    Tanvi of <a href="http://www.tanvii.com/" target="_hplink">The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich & Infamous</a> layers a skirt from Mango over a shirtdress from Gap.

  • Ty

    Ty Alexander of <a href="http://gorgeousingrey.com/" target="_hplink">Gorgeous in Grey</a> got her bright, pleated skirt from Old Navy.

  • Lei Ann

    Lei Ann of <a href="http://leiannoffduty.tumblr.com/" target="_hplink">Lei Ann ... Off Duty</a> painted a thrift-store necklace with neon-green nail polish. Her striped skirt is from H&M.

  • Rach

    Rach of <a href="http://www.thepinkpeonies.com/" target="_hplink">The Pink Peonies</a> is wearing a tank top and necklaces from Forever 21 with a skirt from J. Crew.

  • Megan Mae

    Megan Mae of <a href="http://www.meganmaedaily.com/" target="_hplink">Megan Mae Daily</a> calls "eye-searing colors" a "refreshing change from the black and grey clothing we all fall back on." Her skirt and top are thrifted; shoes are by John Fluevog; and the striped socks were a gift.

  • Megan Mae's close-up

    A closer look at Megan Mae's neon-trimmed shoes and neon socks.

  • Folake

    Folake Huntoon of <a href="http://stylepantry.com/" target="_hplink">Style Pantry</a> sports a neon-yellow pedicure with her bohemian ensemble.

  • "TOD"

    Tamona calls herself "<a href="http://www.theurbanmannequin.com/" target="_hplink">TOD - The Omega Dime</a>." Her dress is from Wet Seal. The neon scarf is from Target.

  • Huoy

    Huoy of <a href="http://designnstyle.wordpress.com/" target="_hplink">Design & Style</a> got her mint-green jeans from Urban Outfitters.

  • Célèste

    Célèste Brott of <a href="http://fashionisevolution.blogspot.com/" target="_hplink">Fashion Is Evolution</a> says, "Pastels always remind me of petits fours and other yummy treats; they look good enough to eat." Her mint-green jeans are from Urban Outfitters.

  • Erin B.

    Erin B. of <a href="http://www.prettypolishedperfect.com/" target="_hplink">Pretty, Polished, Perfect</a> jumps for joy in mint-green jeans from Kohl's.

  • Marissa

    Marissa Mosseri of <a href="http://www.makeupandmanicures.blogspot.com/" target="_hplink">Makeup and Manicures</a> got her mint-green jeans at a boutique called Lady Inn in Sunny Isles, Fla.

  • Nicole

    Nicole Solimano of <a href="http://www.nyconmymind.com/" target="_hplink">NYC On My Mind</a> matches a mint-green top from Zara and a pale pink blazer from Ralph Lauren with floral pants from H&M. Bag is by Dooney & Bourke, booties from Payless and sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

  • Sharon

    Sharon of <a href="http://sharonrosepixie.blogspot.com/" target="_hplink">MyStyle--Fashion, Vintage and Me ...</a> wears a pastel Chanel jacket from 1997. She bought it<a href="http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2008/07/london-day-3-in-mrs-stings-closet/" target="_hplink"> in 2008 when Trudie Styler, Sting's wife, had a sale of her designer clothing</a>.

  • Pearl

    Pearl Westwood of <a href="http://fashionpearlsofwisdom.co.uk/" target="_hplink">Fashion Pearls of Wisdom</a> wears a pastel-blue vintage dress.

  • Andrea

    Andrea Kerbuski of <a href="http://www.blondebedhead.com/" target="_hplink">Blonde Bedhead</a> makes a statement in head-to-toe pastel pink. Her top is from Urban Outfitters; the pants are from JCPenney.

  • Venessia

    Venessia of <a href="http://style4curves.blogspot.com/" target="_hplink">Style 4 Curves</a> got her mint-blue top from Victoria's Secret.