Skydive, travel the world and dance the funky chicken at your 75th wedding anniversary party? Sounds like our kind of bucket list.

The Twitterverse took over the #100ThingsToDoBeforeIDie hashtag today, creating the ultimate interactive bucket list.

We saw everything from personal messages like falling in love or making your parents proud to more spontaneous favourites like dancing in a frozen food aisle, crowd surfing or planning a last-minute road trip.

Lately, in the world of accomplishing goals before 30, Glamour Magazine made their ultimate list, and even inspired one blogger to create her own suggestions. Whatever your goals are, have fun and take your time -- just make sure you make a list you can stick to.

And if the funky chicken isn't your preferred dance routine, here are some other favourite #100ThingsToDoBeforeIDie responses on Twitter to help inspire your own list. Send us your tweets @huffpostcaliv or leave them in the comment box. Also, be sure to check out more from #100ThingsToDoBeforeIDie.

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  • Morgan Breaux

  • Gavin

  • Birdlady

  • QistisyiaHadzi ♚

  • Najihah R.

  • Jesslin Mejorado

  • Myrvic

  • Zach Hipp

  • Karl Horgan

  • Alisha Davis.

  • Lucysaurus!♥

  • RichelleJ_MTV

  • Baskin Robbins

  • ruixuΔn.

  • Syed Muhammad Fadli

  • Jade

  • jaime ynclan

  • Mr Oliver Twist

  • Salvador Diaz

  • Life of a Runner

  • Retwittings

  • Awkward Turtle o.0♥

  • dyah citra wardani

  • Anam

  • HelloKittyBxTch :P

  • Goony|Shatha|Medusa

  • Najihah R.

  • Lucysaurus!♥

  • True Copple

  • Condé Nast Traveller

  • Mike McKoy™

  • A Southern Lady

  • Paolo Feliciano

  • Me and my charms ܢܢ

  • Lydia Kay

  • Me and my charms ܢܢ

  • epic tweets.

  • shalisbauche

  • shalisbauche

  • Drake

  • Irene Rodriguez

  • Rachel T. Sturdevant

  • Adela Mora Alonso

  • Alejandro Bermejo

  • shalisbauche

  • Kaytlen Putnam

  • Skylor Powell

  • Cheryl Almojuela

  • Allan A

  • tarnjit dhaliwal

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