The snow is long gone and we’ve emerged victorious from our Canada Goose cocoons. It’s time to turn up the heat with flirty frocks, shapely shorts and savvy summer hats. The blue summer sky is the limit –- and electric shades, colour blocked bags, floral skirts and lace shorts are just the beginning of the season. This is our chance to rock the trendiest looks on our (almost) summer-ready bodies.

We asked you, the stylish savants from across our fair country to show us how it's done, and we also took to Toronto's streets to scout out fashionable folk in their everyday wear. Style bloggers and HuffPost Canada readers from east coast to west shared their summer and their must-have items for the season - which we've duly noted and are hastily checking our own closets for. Happy summer, Canada!

Check out these stylish Canadians from across the country:

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  • Halifax: Hello Yellow

    <strong>Name</strong>: <a href="!/clutchculture" target="_hplink">Mo Handahu</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: Designer/Owner and <a href="" target="_hplink">Style Blogger</a> <strong>Location</strong>: Halifax <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: One of my favorite summer items is the pair of earrings I'm wearing. Sadly I think the rest of my vintage earring collection is starting to feel jealous because this amazing vintage find stole my heart and has been a part of many outfits. <strong>About The Look</strong>: "I'm wearing an Old Navy dress - Winners shoes - Beads from a South African market - Thrifted belt and Vintage earrings.I love this dress! It's the most fantastic shade of yellow. Being a sucker for color seeing this dress was love at first sight! Oh let's not forget the beads on my head! Kudos to the parental unit that is my mother for surprising me with these highly coveted beads!"

  • Montreal: I Heart Summer

    <strong>Name</strong>: <a href="!/Boat_people" target="_hplink">Ari Moisan</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: Fashion blogger and co-owner of vintage online store <a href="" target="_hplink">Boat People</a> <strong>Location</strong>: Quebec City <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>:The cycling inspired short <strong>About The Look</strong>: "This outfit is my favorite summer silhouette for warm days. I'm wearing a Unlimit Clothing swallow tank-top (made in Canada yay!), vintage rib shorts, Balinese wrap sandals, thrifted heart-shaped sunnies and a vintage mexican rug bag."

  • Vancouver: Colour For The Summer: Pretty In Pastels

    <strong>Name</strong>: Sabrina Fenster <strong>Occupation</strong>: Owner of Street Style blog, <a href="" target="_hplink">StreetScout.Me</a> <strong>Location</strong>: Gastown, Vancouver <strong>Must-Have Summer Item</strong>: A lightweight, knit or crochet sweater in a nude because it's the perfect layer on a chilly night. <strong>About The Look</strong>: "I am wearing a silk shirt by Wilfred, printed scarf by Talula, coloured denim by H&M and beaded sandals by BEDO. I love colour blocking brights and pastels - it makes for a really pretty palette."

  • Montreal: Summer Stripes

    <strong>Name</strong>: Marie-Eve Best <strong>Occupation</strong>: Writer of <a href="" target="_hplink">Lake Jane</a>, a lifestyle blog. <strong>Location</strong>: Montreal <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: Long Maxi Dress <strong>About The Look</strong>: "As a new mom, I am trying to keep things simple, comfortable and light. I love this cotton striped dress - I love anything striped for that matter - because I can dress it up with a great belt and some wedge sandals or dress it down with a great denim shirt and some flat sandals."

  • Toronto: Rain, What Rain?

    Name: <a href="!/lilianyange" target="_hplink">Lilian Nadia Yange</a> Location: Downtown Toronto About The Look: Dancing in the sun in a summery frock.

  • Toronto: Skulls And Skirts

    <strong>Names</strong>: Sofija Ostojic (left) and<a href="!/marinacarstvo" target="_hplink"> Marina Stojkovic</a> (right) <strong>Photography by</strong>: Maya Hamovitch <strong>Occupation</strong>: Students <strong>Location</strong>: Queen and Soho, Toronto <strong>Must Have Summer Items</strong>: Printed jeans, pastels and a good colour blocking outfit.

  • Vancouver: Spot On With Polka Dots

    <strong>Name</strong>:<a href="!/styleisstyle" target="_hplink"> Lydia Okello</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: Blogger for<a href="" target="_hplink"> styleisstyle</a> <strong>Location</strong>: Vancouver <strong>Must-Have Summer Item</strong>: An easy going printed dress. <strong>About The Look</strong>: "This was taken at a wedding that a friend and I sang at, at beautiful Jericho Beach. I am wearing a thrifted dress and belt, Cooperative wedges and sunglasses from Aldo."

  • Calgary: Trailblazing Style

    <strong>Name</strong>: <a href="!/binzento" target="_hplink">Vincent Law</a> <strong>Photography by</strong>: <a href="" target="_hplink">Katrina-Olson Mottahed</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: PhD student, fashion blogger <strong>Location</strong>: Calgary, Alberta <strong>Must Have Summer Items</strong>: Comfortable shorts and a good pair of sandals. <strong>About The Look</strong>: "Since Calgary has long winter seasons, it's not often I can pull out vibrant colors from my wardrobe. I just have to make the best of it when we do get sunshine by wearing bright/energetic colors. I am always in a happy mood when Calgary gets +20 temperatures. Here I wore colours that reflect my emotions. Simplicity is the key to my personal style. I do enjoy however, incorporate accessories to add some flavor to my daily looks. Sometimes I think tiny details can really transform something good to fascinating, and that includes fashion."

  • Toronto: The Fashion Blues

    <strong>Name</strong>: Vanessa Sheriff <strong>Photography by</strong>: Maya Hamovitch <strong>Occupation</strong>: Buyer <strong>Location</strong>: Queen and Soho, Toronto <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: Neon Dress

  • Calgary: Keeping Cool

    <strong>Name</strong>: <a href="!/Karolinasstyle" target="_hplink">Karolina Ciupinska</a> <strong>Location</strong>: Calgary <strong>Must-Have Summer Item</strong>: A great pair of shoes! <strong>About The Look</strong>: "In this photo i'm wearing a vertical-paneled blouse by Caitlin Power, DIY ripped shorts and Alexander Wang Nadia heels."

  • Toronto: Girly And Flirty

    <strong>Name</strong>: Chantal Roy <strong>Photography by</strong>: Maya Hamovitch <strong>Occupation</strong>: Marketing/PR for Puma Canada <strong>Location</strong>: Queen and Soho, Toronto <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: Nail polish strips

  • London, On: Holy Hippie!

    <strong>Name</strong>: <a href="!/thedonaldnorth" target="_hplink">Donald D'Haene</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: Online Theatre Editor,<a href="" target="_hplink"></a> <strong>Location</strong>: London, On. <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: Comfortable Sandals <strong>About The Look</strong>: "This recent photo is of me just taken on my front lawn before seeing the musical <em>Hair</em>. This is a fun retro-look that I have put together...the pants I bought in 1975!! I hand-painted the pants when I had a lead in the musical A Chorus Line in 1996. I made the head band and cut off the sleeves of an old jean jacket and hand painted those as well to match the jeans. "

  • Toronto: The Golden Girl

    <strong>Name</strong>: Sarah Valant <strong>Photography by:</strong> Maya Hamovitch <strong>Occupation</strong>: Banana Republic Employee <strong>Location</strong>: Queen and Soho, Toronto <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: Sandals

  • Vancouver: Orange You Glad It's Summer?

    <strong>Name</strong>: <a href="!/vancitypretty" target="_hplink">Kendra Hagerman</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: Freelance fashion writer and program manager <strong>Location</strong>: Vancouver, BC <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: A bright nail; it's an easy and fun way to complement any outfit. <strong>About The Look</strong>: "Living in Vancouver, the sun is never a guarantee. In order to add a bit of bright to all my summer days, I try to add a dash of colour to some of my outfits. This bright orange vintage skirt is light and breezy, and can easily be dressed up for a night out. My translucent Mark. necklace goes with everything, and my favourite BCBG white leather Clutch is the perfect size for summer errand running (and maybe a pit stop for some ice cream)."

  • Ottawa: Looking Lovely In Lace

    <strong>Name</strong>: Emmett Katherine <strong>Occupation</strong>: Blogger at <a href="" target="_hplink"></a> <strong>Location</strong>: Ottawa <strong>Must-Have Summer Item</strong>: Free People lace tap shorts. <strong>About The Look</strong>: "I'm wearing Forever 21 lace top & necklaces, Free People tap shorts, Jeffery Campbell shoes, vintage purse and le chateau sunglasses. This is a typical summer outfit for me, lots of lace (which I love), comfortable shorts and a loose breezy top."

  • Toronto: The Plain White T

    <strong>Name</strong>: Zach Bines <strong>Photography by</strong>: Maya Hamovitch <strong>Occupation</strong>: Musician <strong>Location</strong>: Queen and Soho, Toronto <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: T-shirts

  • Ottawa:The Naked Truth About Nude

    <strong>Name</strong>: <a href="!/@chameleonicme" target="_hplink">Justyna Baraniecki</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: Stylist by night, Marketing pro by day. <strong>Location</strong>: Maple Lawn Park, Ottawa <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: A white blouse, I live in them! My friend Julie always says in the summer I'm always in all white, in the winter, all black. I have two seasons and two essential shades. <strong>About The Look</strong>: "I'm wearing Christian Louboutin shoes; Club Monaco skirt; Sandra Angelozzi shirt; Halston Heritage purse."

  • Toronto: Mixing Patterns Like A Pro

    <strong>Name</strong>: Caitlin Pupillo <strong>Photography by</strong>: Meredith Gilies <strong>Occupation</strong>: Home Depot Employee <strong>Location</strong>: Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: Maxi skirt

  • Montreal: Hurrah For Versatile Clothing!

    <strong>Name</strong>:<a href="!/patriciagajo" target="_hplink"> Patricia Gajo</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: Montréal Editor for Fashion Magazine <strong>Location</strong>: Montreal <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: An all-white linen look. <strong>About The Look</strong>: "I just love this outfit because - if you knew me, you'd know - I'm not really into wearing bright colours. Thus, hot pink is a big stretch for me, never mind colour-blocking with orange shoes! The dress is by Montreal designer Marie Saint Pierre for Reitmans. It can be a dress or skirt. In summer when I'm sitting on a terrasse (with my new favourite Eastside cocktail), I like to wear strapless things so I don't get weird tan lines. I'm going to pack it for sure for my trip to Dubai this September. The espadrille heels are by Aldo circa 2004. So you see, it's true: It pays never to throw anything away."

  • Toronto: Flower Power And Checkered Pride

    <strong>Names</strong>: Elli Stuhler (left) and Rudy Lee (right) <strong>Photography by</strong>: Meredith Gillies <strong>Occupation</strong>: Account Coordinator, Freelance Writer <strong>Location</strong>: Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: Pimms Cup, Prada Creepers

  • Montreal: Lady In White

    <strong>Name</strong>: <a href="!/search/stephaniechic" target="_hplink">Stephanie Boridy</a> <strong>Occupation</strong>: Personal style blogger at <a href="" target="_hplink"></a>, part-time sales associate <strong>Location</strong>: Tam Tams, Mont Royal, Montreal <strong>Must Have Summer Item</strong>: Pink lemonade <strong>About The Look</strong>: "I'm wearing a Joie tank with Victoria's Secret shorts, Leathern Beads belt, Zara sandals and Gucci sunglasses. The look completely sums up my style ethos: easy, effortless."

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