As Canada celebrates its birthday, we Canucks may find ourselves sipping beer at the cottage, taking in some fireworks, maybe eating some poutine, or, as it appears, engaging in political dissent on Twitter.

#DenounceHarper is trending on Twitter in Canada, just behind #HappyCanadaDay. Users are using the hashtag to voice dissatisfaction with the Harper government, or just the man himself.

On the list of gripes? The Tories' handling of the not-exactly-accurate F-35 budget, treatment of environmentalists by the Conservative government, reductions in refugee health services, immigration program stoppage and the ongoing robocalls investigation, to name some.

Some Canadians are even boycotting Canada Day altogether in protest of our current Prime Minister.

"I'm not celebrating Canada Day this year. Harper's killed it for me," the husband of a Vancouver Courier columnist said.

The columnist assures us that no torching of Harper effigies will take place, but Vancouverites in the public demonstration spirit can head over to Liberty Square for a Stop Harper! rally, with politicians and members of Occupy Canada and the Pirate Party speaking.

As for Harper, he'll be celebrating in Ottawa at the annual Canada Day in the Capital extravaganza.

Here's a sampling of the trending hashtag, for more head over to Twitter.

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    Through our work with Free The Children, we've worked in over 50 countries. And, with hundreds of thousands of engaged student leaders across Canada, we know the passion of young people and mentors here at home. Believe us when we say: we Canadians won the lottery when it comes to nationality. Through our journeys, we've come to learn that Canada is so much more than hockey and Timbits. What makes this country the greatest place to live in the world is our compassion, friendliness and willingness to roll-up our sleeves to help. With all the gifts our country has, from poutine to politeness, we're uniquely positioned to make the world a little better, too. - <a href="" target="_hplink">Craig and Marc Kielburger, Founders, Free The Children.</a>

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