While the debate rages on over the existence of the elusive Canadian style -- Do we really have one? Is it truly ours? Are we doomed to be repped by Canada Goose forever? -- there's no denying that our southern neighbours have a fashion vernacular all their own.

As Canadians, American style is one with which we are intimately familiar, if from a certain distance -- we avidly watch NYC for trends, fawn over American icons (we love you, Beyonce!), and rejoice at the arrival of their brands on our soil (Target, please get here faster). Sometimes our relationship is filled with mixed emotions -- Why don't we applaud our own brands and designers with the same enthusiasm? Could it be a function of our self-effacing Canadian ways? -- but it's nothing that can't be solved with a quick cross-border shopping trip. C'mon, you know you love the tax-free bargains.

And so, in celebration of US Independence Day, we present some of our favourite American style icons, brands and favourites that have made their mark over the years. Who did we miss? Tell us in the comments below, or on Twitter.

Check out our American style picks below:

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  • Farrah Fawcett

    1970s icon and Charlie's Angels star, Fawcett was for many years the ultimate American pinup girl, setting the bar for others, like Canada's own Pamela Anderson.

  • Calvin Klein

    An internationally reknown clothing brand, Calvin Klein is known for crisp, clean, elegant style and sometimes controversial ad campaigns. Its fragrance line and underwear are style staples for many a Canadian.

  • The Girls of Clueless

    When the film Clueless came out, it was almost effortlessly influential on teenage fashion and vernacular. What wasn't effortless was the style involved - Cher spent hours combing her closet for mini skirts, sheer shirts, cropped sweaters and backpacks, and we did the same.

  • Denim

    Although the fabric originates from France, denim has been in use in the US since the 1800s, and will forever be a style classic. Jeans, jackets or jorts -- we love it all.

  • Ray Ban Aviators

    Ray Ban aviator sunglasses -- rivalled only by the Wayfarer for their iconic look.

  • Michelle Obama

    America's First Lady is renowned for her influence on American fashion. From her arm-bearing dresses to her sophisticated suits, she has become a true trendsetter, and was even listed on Time Magazine's All-Time 100 Fashion Icons list.

  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

    Not much needs to be said -- jackie O. was the quintessential icon of style and grace.

  • Grace Kelly

    This beautiful actress could not have more fully embodied her name. The world watched in awe as the movie star transformed into an American princess with her marriage to Prince Rainier III.

  • Baseball Hat

    Whether you wear it with the peak to the front, backwards or to the side, the baseball cap is a true American classic.

  • Varsity Jacket

    Let's face it, who didn't secretly want a varsity jacket? A symbol of status and academic and athletic success, they were also a fixture in many a teen movie.

  • Cindy Crawford

    Supermodel Cindy Crawford rose to fame with her athletic build and All-American beauty. Possibly more astounding is the fact that she appears not to age.

  • Marilyn Monroe

    Monroe was an American actress, singer, model and sex symbol whose glamourous and often controversial style is imprinted in our common consciousness. She's such an icon that <a href="http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-05-02/entertainment/ct-ent-0502-marilyn-appreciation-20120501_1_marilyn-monroe-statue-sculpture-foundation-melissa-farrell" target="_hplink">Chicago implemented a 26-foot statue of her in her famous white dress.</a>

  • Abercrombie and Fitch

    The clothing brand of party-loving jocks and bronzed beach-ready babes across North America.

  • Hip Hop Style, Starring Kanye West

    Love him or hate him, Kanye has become an American icon of men's fashion, pushing hip hop style forward with his daring fashion statements. We love him in particular for his embracing of the <a href="http://iphone420.tumblr.com/post/23463229886/kanye-west-spotted-reppin-the-canadian-tuxedo" target="_hplink">Canadian tuxedo</a>.

  • Beyonce

    It's ok to admit it, everyone loves Beyonce, even Michelle Obama. She's the new evolution of America's sweetheart -- gorgeous, sexy, fiercely talented, but seemingly completely approachable, warm and kind. And how much do you love Blue Ivy, right?

  • Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

    The tweens of America know to keep their lips chap free and soft - that's why they've been using Bonne Bell lip smackers for decades. Thanks to our good trade relations with the US, our lips have been chap-free for years too.

  • Charlie's Angels

    You know you're iconic when you're played by two sets of gorgeous actresses. Charlie's Angels had a major influence on the 70s generation, and Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore brought back the beautiful, brilliant PIs who kicked serious ass for a new generation.

  • Chuck Taylor All-Stars

    The footwear choice of ballers, rebels, rockers, you name it -- Converse's Chuck Taylor All-Stars will never go out of style. Taylor was a basketball star and Converse shoe salesman, and his namesake is the best-selling basketball shoe in history.

  • Motown Style

    The Supremes were the style divas of the 1960s Motown scene -- and set the stage for the girl groups that followed (ahem, Destiny's Child). Motown style was smooth, glamourous and emblematic of an era of great change and progress in the US.

  • Barbie

    The American dream in a doll, Barbie and her friends Ken and Skipper were often the first fashion dolls in a little girl's arsenal. Although she's undergone several evolutions, Barbie has always been the ultimate girl-next-door. And a doctor, and an astronaut, and a rock star...

  • Iris Apfel And Other Honourable Mentions

    1. Iris Apfel: This American designer and style icon is who we want to be when we grow up. 2. Diane Keaton: Two words: Annie Hall. 3. Carrie Bradshaw: One word: Manolos. 4. Hawaiian shorts: And more broadly, surf style... 5. Ralph Lauren: Another classic, elegant American designer. 6. Cowboy hat: In Calgary, we've made it our own. 7. Madonna: Remember 'Like A Virgin?' 8. Britney: Our hearts are forever with Brit-Brit. 9. The plain white t: Nobody does it better than the USA 10. What did we miss?

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