By definition, trends are fleeting. They're ephemeral. And each day we see our fair share of looks we'd like to remove from our sartorial lexicon. So join us, each week, as we analyze a trend that's had its 15 minutes of fame. These looks are well into their Minute 16, folks. It's time to usher them toward stage left.

The Trend: Deer in headlights? Try deer in living room lights! Decorating with dead animals is, for some, the final touch in creating a cabin-chic, rural-sophisticated look. Mounted antlers made of many materials (the faux ones can be wood, cardboard, porcelain or wicker) have become a popular way to decorate living rooms, hallways and even bedrooms.

Chief Offenders: Even those who don’t fit a "hunter" image are befriending the beasts.Jenny McCarthy doesn't believe in hunting, but she popped a deer head off her father's wall and gave it to her son for his birthday; it sits mounted in his room.

What's Wrong With It: Although many deer heads are vegan these days, they still bring us back to childhood traumatic memories of Bambi's mom being, ahem, shot -- cue the waterworks.

Deer heads grew enormously popular in home décor last winter, but many now consider it a big old "don’t" -- including us. This taxidermy trend is not only passé, but reminds us of the deer hunter's ultimate trophy (it probably sits perched high up, parallel to a collection of firearms and shotguns). When this talking deer head made to sit over a mantle was introduced, we knew the trend had gone too far.

As the world of interior design moves to simpler, cleaner lines, the deer head is seen to be "dysfunctional decoration," a term which designer Mario Buatta highlighted as a form of decoration that's overstylized and doesn't relate to people. He's not alone in thinking the deer head is an overly ornate accessory that's in stark contrast to design's new lines.

May We Suggest: If you want to create a rural-cabin look, try mixing materials and textures. We love the look of mismatched frames hanging on the wall; it's unique and clean while also ornate.

What do you think? Are we just plain wrong about this trend? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @HuffPostCaStyle.

Check out the other trends that are well past their prime:

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  • Mismatched Foundation

    What's Wrong With It: The mismatched look makes the foundation stand out more than it's supposed to -- foundation is there to make the skin look even and flawless, not like an added layer of skin. And then there's the neck-not-matching-the-face factor, which always is unfortunate.

  • Sarcastic T-Shirts

    <strong>What's Wrong With It: </strong>These shirts are a statement, that's for sure. But is it the statement you truly wish to be making? The slogans are often less than positive or demeaning to one's own intelligence, and surely, that can't be the message you want to send to the world. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the post here</a>

  • Overplucked Eyebrows

    <strong>What's Wrong With The Trend</strong> Your over-plucked eyebrows make you look, well, surprised. All the time. Which may be okay if you're constantly being thrown surprise parties, but otherwise, it's not the most flattering look. Over-arched eyebrows are a thing of the past, and as fashion evolves so must our beauty routine.

  • Feather Earrings

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> Feathers have always been around in fashion but these earrings are taking the trend a bit too far. They are bold, bright and we understand wanting to punch up a look as much as the next girl, but resembling an animal about to take flight is maybe not the best way to achieve this goal. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the article here</a>

  • Hats In The Summer

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> We understand a hat in the summer is part of a certain "look," but it's essential you let your head breathe -- we lose 80 per cent of our body heat through our heads (wear a toque and you're liable to get heat stroke -- or melt into a puddle). Not only that, this look is sartorially strange. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Belting T-Shirts

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> Not only is this look outdated, people seem to be wearing it incorrectly. The belt never sits at the right part of the waist or they pair the belted look with this season's "it" accessory -- the bib necklace. It's time to keep our wardrobe choices simple. And wearing a belt on top of clothing is no longer "it." <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Duck Nails

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> It's not just about how these nails look (which is pretty bad). This trend is completely impractical. How is one going to fit their toes into heels or flats with three extra inches of toenail? And what if you get this mani done to your fingernails: can you imagine how difficult it would be to type, eat, play with your hair or even apply makeup? <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Shatter Nails

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> Sure, nails have become accessory and conversation pieces, but do you really want people to be confused about whether your manicure's a #win or a #fail? This nail effect leaves nail tips looking faded from a distance or bad and blotchy up close. And some "cracked" colours are ridiculous. Yellow and bright pink, for example, are bright enough they don't need to be paired together. Most trends fade and it's fair to say the crack, shatter, shred -- or whatever other kitchen term you want to associate with it -- has come to an end. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Not Wearing Pants

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> What's wrong with it? What's right!? Making a statement with fashion is one thing, but appearing to "forget" your pants is just plain lazy. Oh, and let us remind you that leggings are not pants. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here </a>

  • Sheer Tops

    <strong>What's Wrong With It: </strong>Sheer isn't the problem. We love the idea of light see-through fabrics with bras underneath as a fashion statement. But when you start forgetting your underwear on purpose, the look is no longer trendy -- it's trashy. How can we look at your actual outfit if we're constantly distracted by your chest? <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Floral Pants

    <strong>What's Wrong With It: </strong>Pants featuring a busy pattern often distract from an overall outfit, and can even take away from your face. And despite their general softness, floral prints aren't always the prettiest on fabrics -- especially on denim. The mix of acid-like prints and fading patterns aren't appealing on any spring outfit. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Fringe

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> Though it seems cute, it's just overdone. If the fringe is minimal and kept short, than, on some occasions, it's acceptable. Otherwise, the fringe hanging from your Ugg boots won't make you any more aerodynamic and, frankly, looks plain tacky. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Undercut Hair

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> Don't get us wrong, we're all for being unique and sticking-it-to-the-man with our sartorial decisions, but we just don't get why you would want half your head feeling like a fuzzy carpet. And what happens when you get bored and want your hair to grow back? Or get invited to that fancy dinner party with your boss? <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Hipster Glasses

    <strong>What's Wrong With It:</strong> If you've ever needed prescription glasses, you know that the style of the frame is one of the most important factors when choosing the winning pair. Thick-rimmed and over-sized doesn't work for everyone. In fact, it doesn't work for many face shapes. Plus, they make you look like you're still wearing the glasses from that 3D flick you saw last night.. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Leggings As Pants

    <strong>What's Wrong With The Trend: </strong>Whether paired with a T-shirt or a long dress/hoodie, leggings worn as pants won't offer the kind of coverage (who wants to expose their lady bits!?) smart, successful, savvy women need. The look is also relatively unflattering -- the pants offer no support or structure. We understand people who wear this look are trying to be "casual," but there are other more appropriate ways (sans exposing your butt) to dress in a relaxed manner. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Sweatpants

    <strong>What's Wrong With The Trend: </strong>We understand that people opt for clothing that's comfortable for practicality's sake. We like to lounge just as much as the next girl, but we think sweats are best kept indoors. Isn't changing out of these baggy pants to run an errand -- to something like, say, jeans -- an easy enough step? On top of that, sweatpants make you look larger than you actually are -- they're so baggy they hide and add false poundage to sexy curves, muscle tone and hips. It's a losing battle. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Feather Extensions

    <strong>What's Wrong With The Trend: </strong>Although we accept and embrace the fact that the 1990s are indeed coming back, we think the clip-ins are not. Having your feathers in your hair is a super-bohemian look, so if that's what you're going for -- keep it up! But if you're doing the stylish city look, feathers can clash, look dated, or just plain out of place. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Grandpa Sweaters

    <strong>What's Wrong With The Trend:</strong> <a href="" target="_hplink">Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller</a> told us the only trend we had to say goodbye to was comfort. Now, we're not saying she's the all-knowing voice in fashion, but we're going to have to agree with her statement. Hiding under an oversized sweater doesn't make you look confident -- it makes you look like you want to hide under a blanket. And confidence is key if you want to get noticed and be happy with your sartorial decisions. The more confident you become in your clothing, the more risks you'll be willing to take. <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

  • Ombre Hair

    <strong>What's Wrong With It</strong>: It's supposed to look effortless and casual. But it also looks lazy. Your friends may ask, "Oh did you forget to schedule your hair appointment this month?" Your response: "No, I paid to have my roots look grown out." Yeah, it's an awkward conversation. You paid to have your hair look lazy. Really? <a href="" target="_hplink">Read the story here</a>

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