07/30/2012 11:09 EDT

Olympic Opening Ceremony Performer's Hidden Camera Footage (VIDEO)

UPDATED: Unfortunately the IOC has pulled the video off YouTube claiming copyright infringement.

Ever wanted to be in an Olympic opening ceremony? A 17-minute YouTube video posted by one of the performers in Friday's extravaganza gives you a glimpse of what the experience might be like.

"This is footage taken from a hidden camera that I built into my costume (almost invisible to the naked eye) to give a performer's perspective during the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony," the performer wrote on Youtube.

The footage shows the Pandemonium (Industrial Revolution) segment of the ceremony. It includes the dramatic moment when the 'molten' Olympic rings are raised above the stadium.

"I was one of the drummers that you walked directly past at the bottom of the stairs so nice to see myself in this POV video well done to you," one of the commenters wrote on Facebook.

"Awesome stuff, great idea - I really wished London 2012 would have put cameras on others too - great upload!," another commenter said.

We couldn't agree more. Are you taking notes for Sochi broadcasters?

Olympic Opening Ceremony