If there was ever a certainty in Alberta weather it would be this:

At least once a week one of the major cities (Calgary or Edmonton) is hit with a killer storm. We're talking high winds, torrential rains, occasional hail and a drop in temperature.

Edmonton got one of these good ol' storms Thursday. Edmontonians on Twitter reported green clouds and an abundance of hail. Heavy rains gave drivers trouble, both with poor visibility and flooded roads.

Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm warning for much of the area, including Leduc and Red Deer.

Check out these photos of the massive, scary dark clouds that moved over the city and tweet us your storm photos on Twitter using @HuffPostAlberta.

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  • @liewicks: Here come the heavy rain and a thunderstorm #yegwx #yeg

  • @poofoo22: Clouds looking pretty scary NW of #yeg. pic.twitter.com/fkOoLmnb

  • @dizzy_shan: Scary scary storm at work. #YEG #gfsedmonton pic.twitter.com/TFkI0gOq

  • @ineptflux: A view of downtown YEG about to be engulfed #YEG #yegwx

  • @MelissaR26: View from the front of my office building in the research park #yeg

  • @indrdh: Wow #yegwx #yeg

  • @Coenen87: Insane storm!! Flooded street #yeg

  • @vickyjoberts: Well this looks like its gonna be a fun time...

  • @handsomefatman: From TD Tower facing east. #yeg #yegwx

  • @AngrEdmontonian: Westend #yeg. pic.twitter.com/lyZnbAKp

  • @TemporalThinker

  • Michael

  • Matt Henderson

  • @KikkiPlanet: Holy shit. Just went from dark skies to scary ass green skies in west #yeg. And dead calm. Here it comes.

  • @CarleyVictoria

  • @NHL_Oilers: Massive hail storm currently pounding #Oilers Head Office in #yeg right now

  • @jpc120: Hail in front yard #yeg

  • @SamanthaStreet: #westend #yeg storm.

  • @stepcrazy: Holy shit these clouds are moving fast in both directions. #yegweather #yeg

  • @gajarchibald: Nasty clouds rolling in in NE #yeg wind really picking up too #yegwx

  • @kailaaaaj: Green clouds in #yeg

  • @acrystalrose: Storm clouds over Leduc 4:20 pm #yeg

  • @laurenfrotch: Clouds of impending doooom! #shpk #yeg

This is the second storm to hit Edmonton this week. According to the Edmonton Journal, a storm rattled the area for much of the evening Tuesday night bring with it huge cracks of thunder and a spectacular lightning show.