This week marks the release of Alanis Morissette's Havoc and Bright Lights, the singer-songwriter's eighth studio album.

And while the record's received genuinely lukewarm reviews by critics thus far, it's essentially a Canadian hate crime not to somehow immortalize her new musical chapter.

That's why Huffington Post has has rounded up 12 "ironic" facts about Alanis Morissette. Oh, and we use quotation marks because not all examples may be technically ironic, but it's not like Alanis will notice since she remains to this day the poster child for inaccurate irony.

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  • The Definition of Slime

    Before she sang or song-wrote, the Ottawa-born Morissette appeared on five episodes of the teen sketch series Y<em>ou Can't Do That on Television</em>. In addition to being <a href="" target="_hplink">"fought over"</a> by the boys, she was regularly slimed for saying "I don't know." <strong>Isn't it ironic</strong>...that she should have said those same words when her <em>Jagged Little Pill </em>producer asked if she actually knew the definition of irony?

  • Secret Dance Pop Past

    <em>Jagged Little Pill </em> poppers were shocked upon discovering that before she became the queen of angry alt-rock, Alanis boasted a bubblegum pop career that included two top 40 albums. First single "Too Hot" led to her debut record Alanis going platinum, and in 1992 she won a Juno for the Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year. Isn't it ironic...that the Junos predicted her indeed promising future, but the album they gave her the award for remains largely forgotten.

  • Oh God, You Devil

    Morissette's best-known acting role was starring as God in Kevin Smith's <em>Dogma</em>, where she quietly descended on earth to put two rogue angels in place. (Talk about being petrified of silence.) Isn't it ironic...that despite playing God in a gleefully blasphemous film, Alanis' most controversial career move involved a lyric about doing something other than watching a movie <a href="" target="_hplink">in a theatre</a>?

  • Best Mugging Ever

    After moving to L.A. in 1994, Alanis was robbed at gunpoint. Afterward, Morissette developed "an intense and general angst and suffered daily panic attacks." Isn't it ironic...that without the trauma of getting mugged, she'd never have had the angst to write the<em> Jagged Little Pill</em> songs that made her a millionaire.

  • Made AOL History

    Likely in an attempt to ensure we'd make a list about her, Alanis was the first major artist to use the Internet for a video debut. Premiering on AOL on June 25, 1999, Morissette's "So Pure" featured the singer and her then-boyfriend Dash Mihok transitioning through various types of dance. Isn't it ironic...that despite all the historic dance styles she shows off in "So Pure," Alanis left out her, um, classic hip-hop moves from her "Too Hot" video? You go, girl, stir that pot!

  • Nude Video

    Trading her angst in for serenity, Alanis appeared nude in 1998's video for "Thank U," the first single off Jagged Little Pill's follow-up, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. Having written the track following a trip to India, Morissette shocked the masses with her calmness in the song; especially since standing in the street naked being approached by strangers -- the video's premise -- should arguably evoke a different reaction. (Like fear.) Isn't it ironic...that her fans weren't thanked for buying <em>Jagged Little Pill </em>and thereby bankrolling her Indian awakening?

  • Same-Sex and the City

    Making an appearance in 1999 episode of <em>Sex and the City</em>, Morissette played a lesbian who kissed Carrie in a grown-up game of spin the bottle. Alanis later went on to say that she didn't enjoy the scene because the kiss lacked passion, which is hard to believe since Carrie's inner monologue described it as "just like chicken." Romance! Isn't it ironic...that Alanis' musical co-star in that <em>SATC</em> episode, Stars' Torquil Campbell, has made a career out of creating passion from metaphorical grown-up games of spin the bottle.

  • Tabloid Tunes

    When her engagement to fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds ended after four years, Morissette turned to music. 2008's Flavor of Engagement helped Alanis lyrically work through the post-breakup fallout. Isn't it ironic...that after being the subject of an entire album, Reynolds is now dating a<em> <a href="" target="_hplink">Gossip Girl</a></em>.

  • Yoga Guru

    Alanis' Indian trip has stayed with her through the years. In fact, Morissette and her fraternal twin Wade are both yoga gurus who even appeared together on the cover of <em>LA Yoga</em> magazine. Isn't it ironic...that despite over a decade of calmness and Zen, most still associate Alanis Morissette with her angry youth?

  • Did What With Uncle Joey?

    Consider "You Oughta Know" -- <em>Jagged Little Pill's</em> first single -- 1995's "Rolling In The Deep." Shrouded in mystery, the song that spewed anger, resentment and stone-cold truth became the subject of controversy, especially since Alanis had previously been dating <em>Full House's</em> Dave Coulier. Morissette has yet to confirm whether he's actually the subject, but Uncle Joey has since implied that the track is about him. Isn't it ironic...that Dave Coulier allegedly inspired this harsh breakup song when he played such a family-friendly comedian on TV? Cut. It. Out.

  • Had History With a Foo Fighter

    Before joining forces with Dave Grohl in 1997, Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins played drums for Alanis' Jagged Little Pill and Can't Not tours. Taylor has since described his former boss as "a nice girl" despite her "angry young woman" tag. Isn't it ironic...that being condescendingly called "girl" didn't bring out her angry young woman anyway?

  • Cold as Ice, Ice Baby

    In her pop princess days, Alanis toured with a Vanilla Ice whose outsized ego restricted anyone -- including tourmate Alanis -- from looking him in the eye. However, she recently said that she "never had to apply her restraint" since the two were never really near each other. Isn't it ironic...that he'd probably beg for Alanis, or anyone really, to look him in the eyes these days?