Stop us if you've heard this before, but the B.C. Liberals may be rearranging the deck chairs, as MLAs jump from a sinking ship and Premier Christy Clark lays out a cabinet shuffle of Titanic proportions.

Yes, yes, we need new tricks. Let's all banish the Titanic metaphors, shall we?

Some of you suggested that perhaps we turn to the sky for some Hindenburg comparisons, or a certain Keanu Reeves movie for inspiration.

Here are some more of your unsinkable ideas. Keep them coming!

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  • Max Fawcett

    I'd say a more apt metaphor for the BC Liberals than the Titanic is the Hindenburg. #bcpoli #LibShip

  • Almoonir Dewji

    S. S. Minnow #LibShip #bcpoli

  • Ron Nurwisah

    The bus in Speed? RT @HuffPostBC: We're tired of Titanic metaphors for the BC Liberals. Can you think of a better one? #LibShip #bcpoli

  • jesseferreras

    The Day After Tomorrow. #LibShip #bcpoli

  • LawraRobbie

  • jesseferreras

    The Perfect Storm. #LibShip #bcpoli

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