Ever wonder the science behind the orgasm but were too afraid to ask?

Well, this fun instructional cartoon from AsapSCIENCE provides a great tour on what happens inside the body and brain during climax -- and the differences between men and women.

How does our genital blood flow interact with our brain and heartbeat? The video tries to illustrate how our brain, nerves and blood all work when we're feeling the Big O.

And how we feel orgasms also differs between men and women. For the fellas, the video says there are contractions of the anal sphincter, the prostate gland and the penis muscles, while for the ladies the uterus, vagina, pelvic muscles and anus feel the most contractions.

Oh, and in case you're at the office -- it's safe for work!

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ALSO: How the rest of Canada's sex life compares to the rest of the world:

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  • Talk To Your Partner

    Many of us aren't afraid to let our significant others know what we want -- almost half the population talks to their partners about sex in Canada, while globally, the number is 42%. We're wondering how sex would be different if both those numbers were much higher.

  • Using Lubricants

    Worldwide, 33% of the population has used lubricants, while in Canada that number jumps up to 50%. Of all the accessories for the bedroom, this one was certainly the most popular -- and perhaps the most accessible.

  • Trying Sex Toys

    Canadians appear to be pretty advanced when it comes to sex toys -- a full 38% have tried one or many out, while only 24% globally have given these options a shot.

  • Sought Information Online

    The numbers for looking up information about sex online stand at 30% globally and 28% for Canadians -- and admit it, that is way lower than you thought it would be.

  • Role-Playing Games

    While for a certain population, role playing games means gun-toting video games, in the bedroom, this can be anything from tying each other up to acting out a long-held fantasy -- and only 11% of people worldwide do this, while 15% of Canadians are into it.

  • Number One Fantasy

    And speaking of fantasy, the number one sexual fantasy around the world? Having sex with more than one person at the same time -- 21% globally, and 20% in Canada say that's their first choice.

  • Strip Tease

    Shedding pieces of clothing, slowly, one at a time ... we've all seen the movie scenes, and across the world, 14% of people have acted it out in reality. Canadians are just slightly up from there, at 15%.

  • Role Play

    Even across the board at 13%, role play is a slightly less intense version of role-playing -- perhaps just an outfit, instead of an entire persona.

  • Massage

    Now, with 11% globally and 12% Canada-wide having given or received a massage, we can only imagine there's a lot of tense sexual partners out there. Do they <i>know</i> the number of options for oils and scents?

  • Bondage/S&M

    Pain doesn't always seem to equal pleasure in the bedroom. Bondage and S&M has been undertaken by just less than 10% of the general population -- 8% worldwide, and 9% in Canada.

  • Sexting

    Considering how much we hear about sexting -- yes, we're still talking about you, Anthony Weiner -- you'd think it was enormously prevalent. But in fact, only 6% of people in the world have done it, and 7% in Canada.

  • Sex As Stress Reliever

    We should all be having more sex -- that's the message received loud and clear when we hear that 70% of Canadians say they're in a better mood after sex. Meanwhile, 53% of people in the world said sex makes them feel less stressed, and 61% of Canadians concurred.

  • Sexual Pleasure

    Despite the stats showing that men in Canada orgasm almost three times more than women, 78% of Canadians say their partner is good at providing sexual pleasure (75% around the globe say the same). So in that case, is sexual pleasure defined differently than orgasms?

  • Orgasms

    As we mentioned, 84% men were reported to orgasm, while only 31% of women do -- a number that seems highly unfair for both parties. After all, who wants to have sex with someone who isn't having nearly as much fun as you are?