UPDATE: Prepare yourself for Wind Storm Part Deux, Calgary. Environment Canada has issued a second warning in as many days. Gusts from the west are currently bringing winds that could reach up to 90 kilometres per hour, according to the weather service.


If yesterday's wind in Calgary didn't blow you away, be prepared to be blown away by this time-lapse video of the storm traveling across the prairie sky.

The one minute and 10 second video, titled Stormlapse - 09/09/2012, was shot between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. on Sunday evening and captures the quick-moving clouds brought by high winds. Wind storms are not unique to Calgary, but what makes the video amazing in how dark the sky becomes at 22 seconds into the video.

According to Global Calgary, wind gusts of almost 100 kilometres per hour brought down a number of trees on 35 Avenue S.W. and 17 Avenue S.W.

Braden Latam (@BradenLatam) posted a photo to Twitter Monday morning, capturing a large tree branch that snapped and fell onto Royal Avenue S.W. It had yet to be cleaned up city crews.

Check out more reaction to and photos of the storm in our gallery below.

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  • Big wind in #Calgary #yyc part of a tree fell at work around 2pm Got lucky it just cracked my tail light #abstorm

  • Yikes! Drive safe on the way home. Big branch down this afternoon in @LakeBonavistaCA #yyc Read more at http://yfrog.com/odnqhpsaj#gGBhMKuplr1DpJkH.99

  • Ariffa Lalani

  • Sally Oliver

  • Karin Elizabeth

  • Stuart Ross

  • Sheila Person

  • E. A. Wilson

  • Tracy MacAskill

  • I snapped this from my elevator lobby. This is looking west and the storm is just rolling in.

  • Wicked wind drops massive tree blocking Royal Ave + 7 St SW

  • A large tree branch remains in the middle of Royal Ave SW after last nights short but powerful wind storm

  • Driving through a wicked wind east of #yyc - about 150k from the city. #pleasenofunnels

  • Just watched the wind bow half this pine tree down onto the neighbour's house. No big deal. #yyc

  • Poor little car is fighting this nasty wind. Sure glad @kregloewen is driving and not me

  • Here it comes

  • North of the city..

  • Wind in NW is crazy..

  • Crazy windstorm..

  • Where the hell..

  • It is a winds storm..

  • Holy wind!

  • I'm watching that..

  • I was thinking..

  • Man, this wind..

  • I've never seen..

  • #wind..

  • This warrants a..

  • Wow..

  • Almost blew me away..

  • No rain yet..

  • Holy freakin' rain..

  • Wind is like something..

  • It's a bit frightening..

  • Ridiculous..

  • Mum called..

  • Holy smokes

  • Wild wind

  • Oh squirrels..

  • I'll take crazy wind

  • Powers out..

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