Peter Lougheed, the former Albertan Premier who left an unprecedented mark on the province and country, died on Thursday.

Known for his political accomplishments, his list of achievements certainly didn't stop at politics.

A Harvard graduate, Lougheed also played for the Edmonton Eskimos during the 1949 and 1950 seasons.

Credited for building Alberta's infrastructure, Lougheed pushed the expansion of building roads to schools, and even hospitals including the Peter Lougheed Centre, where he passed on Thursday.

Not many leaders can be thanked for such a diverse array of achievements, from building and protecting Kananaskis Country in Alberta to bringing a multicultural nation together.

Here are some of Peter Lougheed's achievements.

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  • Edmonton Eskimos

    Peter Lougheed graduated from the University of Alberta and played for the Edmonton Eskimos during the 1949 and 1950 season.

  • Harvard University

    After the U of A, Lougheed received a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University.

  • Defeat of the Social Credit

    In 1971, Lougheed leads the Alberta Progressive Conservatives to power, dethroning the Social Credit, which had held power in the Alberta legislature since 1935. Until that point, the Social Credit had held the longest, uninterrupted government tenure in Canadian history.

  • Ottawa vs. Alberta

    Lougheed may in some corners be most remembered for his fight against Ottawa during the institution of the 1980's National Energy Plan. The feisty premier took on Canada's flamboyant Prime Minister of the day, Pierrre Trudeau, fighting for Alberta's right to chart its own course, as it kicked its oil and gas industry into overdrive. Much of what these two leaders accomplished and agreed to in this battle, still governs how provinces interact with the federal government today.

  • The boom

    It was under Lougheed's tenure that Albertans became fully aware of the economic potential of their province. It was under his direction that Alberta experienced its first economic paradigm shift and came face to face with its first of many booms.

  • Infrastructure

    With Alberta's industry and economy in full boom mode, Lougheed helmed the expansion of the province's infrastructure by building, among other things, roads, schools and hospitals - a somewhat different approach than the one taken by a later, and arguably more popular, successor, Ralph Klein. One of Alberta's premiere hospitals today bears his name - The Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary.

  • Kananaskis Country

    Many of those who worship mountain culture and adventure have much to thank Lougheed, who in 1976 established Kananaskis Country. For many, it's hard to believe that massive swath of alpine majesty was not a park, or even protected, until Lougheed came along.

  • Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund

    Thinking of the future, Lougheed introduced the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund in 1976. The fund would see 30% of royalty revenues in the province going into it, as way of ensuring the wealth Alberta had then didn't run out when the oil did.

  • Tory legacy

    By sweeping the Alberta Social Credit from power, Lougheed launched Canada's - and some would argue the world and second only to China - longest, continuous political legacy. The Tories have now officially been Alberta's governing party for the last 41 years.

  • The statesman

    Lougheed's last public appearance was June 16, 2012, where he was honoured as Canada's greatest premier of the last 40 years. But although he was well known for his scuffles with Ottawa during his tenure, Lougheed, during his acceptance speech told the audience to remember, and work hard knowing, that we are all Canadians first.