She is the last person we would expect to see nude photos of, but probably one of the No. 1 targets for such an exposé: topless photos of Kate Middleton have surfaced on the Internet.

Closer, a French magazine, has published exclusive photos of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, topless on the terrace of a private chateau owned by the Queen's nephew Lord Linley, The Huffington Post UK reports.

The photos were released in the middle of the royal couple's visit to Asia in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and Prince William and Kate released an official statement expressing their shock and anger at the publication.

The scandal comes close on the heels of another now-infamous royal nude photo scandal, in which Prince Harry, Kate's brother-in-law, was snapped nude while partying in Las Vegas last month. The photos, widely available around the world when they surfaced, were subject to a publication ban in the UK, which was defied by the Sun newspaper.

Interestingly, although he was dispatched to Afghanistan shortly after the pictures surfaced, there was a surge of support for Harry, some expressions of which were more unusual and unsafe-for-work than others.

Celebrities are subject to nude scandals all the time, but should the Royals be held to a different standard in terms of coverage? Vote in our poll and let us know what you think in the comments below. Will Kate recover from this as quickly as Harry? Or is there a different weight put on nude photos of women?

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Did Closer Go Too Far In Publishing Nude Photos Of Kate Middleton?


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