Is there anything worse than trying to solve a fashion dilemma that seems, well, unsolvable?

In the grand scheme of things, yes. But daily, when we stare at our closet and mutter about having "nothing to wear," it seems like the end of the world. (We know, champagne problems.) Still, our dilemmas deserve a solution -- if we're to look sartorially smart.

So we nabbed some time with one of our favourite stylists, Erin Nadler of Better Styled, and asked her to solve three basic (but common) fashion quandaries. How can you camouflage back fat? And what should you wear on a girl's night out without looking trampy? Can you rock this season's latest trends?

Check out Nadler's sartorial insights below.

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  • Problem: Wearing Top Trends

    You love the 70s-inspired patterned trousers and leather tops you keep seeing in fashion magazines, but you need help in pulling off these trendy looks with your current lifestyle.

  • Solution #1

    "If textured trousers are your must-own this season, mix them with a classic blazer and crisp white blouse or for a more edgy look, pair them with your fur vest a la Rachel Zoe."

  • Solution #2

    "Loving the touches of leather everywhere? Everyone should own a leather jacket. Casual or dressy, a leather jacket is a timeless wardrobe staple that can be worn so many different ways. It instantly elevates a look."

  • Solution #3

    Trends are just that: trendy. And depending on the trend, they can be fleeting. "Developing your own style is an ongoing process and it's always changing," says Nadler. "The key to a true fashionista is someone who knows how to incorporate what they love and what looks best on them with their core basics."

  • Problem: Hiding Love Handles

    After months of counting calories and hitting the gym regularly, you still have five pesky pounds to lose. How do you make your wardrobe work while still working to shed the last of your muffin top?

  • Solution #1

    To save yourself buyer's remorse, stick to a couple new key items and get inventive with your old clothing. "Being in between sizes and continuing to lose weight causes some issues in the shopping department," says Nadler. "Your old clothing doesn't fit, but you're not finished losing the weight. A lot of women make the mistake of running out and buying everything new right away. "

  • Solution #2

    "Purchase a new dark denim jean. Choose whatever style you prefer, but stay away from the super pricey jeans -- reward yourself with premium denim later."

  • Solution #3

    "Invest in some fitted or detailed tops. Purchasing a couple coloured, stretchy or ruched tops will allow you to add a little colour pop to your wardrobe, but can also help you hide pounds as you continue to lose weight."

  • Solution #4

    "A black pant is a must own. Select a fabric that works across seasons, with a flat and clean waistband. Remember, depending on the amount of weight lost, pants can be altered. Owning a black pant can not only take you to the office, but also out to dinner on the weekends."

  • Problem: What To Wear Out At Night

    "You have all the fittings for casual wear; you know how to dress for work; but what about a night out? You don't want to risk looking like you're trying to relive your teens in clothes that are too tight, but you also want to be on trend."

  • Solution #1

    A night out, whether on a date or in the company of a gaggle of pals, is a great time to let loose and have some fun with your wardrobe. "Buying a couple of fun items that add sizzle to an outfit is a great idea," explains Nadler. "From a sexy pair of jeans to a funky necklace, these items can help you move from work time to me time."

  • Solution #2

    Buy a great pair of dark denim jeans and pair them with a funky or trendy item to spice things up. They can take you from day to night.

  • Solution #3

    "A great sparkle tank, a fabulous fur vest, high-heeled pumps or off-the-shoulder tops are all must-own items this season. From a holiday party, to an après office change, these items can easily be worn in a variety of ways."