If there was an Olympics dedicated to entrepreneurs, these ladies would be leading the opening ceremony for Canada.

The 14th annual PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 list celebrates and honours 100 of Canada's top female entrepreneurs. From presidents of Canada-wide agencies to CEOs of city-specific organizations, these women are perfect examples of how to be successful in today's market amongst the many challenges.

Entrepreneurs were ranked by a combination of size, growth rate and profitability, according to PROFIT Magazine. Part of the requirements for nominated entrepreneurs was a yearly revenue of at least $200,000, and women must also be owners or significant stakeholders and have the responsibilities of making chief decisions within their companies.

This may be just the push Canada needs to encourage and support more female entrepreneurs. One Globe and Mail article notes that Canada was at risk of lagging behind other countries like the United States in creating strategies to boost women's entrepreneurship. The article states that in 2011, only 16 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses were owned by females, according to Industry Canada.

This year's top entrepreneur, Kelsey Ramsden, is president of civil construction company Belvedere Place Development based out of Kelowna, B.C. Ramsden's revenue growth rate of 804 per cent in the last three years and the changes she made to her business post-recession were all reasons for her first-place win, according to Profit Magazine.

Inspired yet? Check out the top 30 of this year's Top Female Entrepreneurs and the full top 100 list at PROFIT Magazine.

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  • #30 Sabine Veit

    <strong>WHO:</strong> CEO and president of <a href="http://www.backerhausveit.com/index.php">Bäckerhaus Veit Ltd,</a> specializing in artisanal baked goods. <strong>WHERE:</strong> Vaughan, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $25 to 50 million

  • #29 Grail Noble

    <strong>WHO:</strong> CEO of marketing agency <a href="http://www.yellowhouseevents.com/">Yellow House Events Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $2 to 5 million.

  • #28 Kim Shannon

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President and CIO of investment-management services <a href="http://www.sionna.ca/"> Sionna Investment Managers Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $5 to 10 million.

  • #27 Julie Cole, Julie Ellis, Tricia Mumby, Cynthia Esp

    <strong>WHO:</strong> VP public relations, VP finance, VP marketing and VP human resources of personalized children's label company <a href="http://www.mabelslabels.com/">Mabel's Labels Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Hamilton, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $5 to 10 million. <em>(from left to right Julie Ellis, Cynthia Esp, Julie Cole, Tricia Mumby)</em>

  • #26 Samantha Kennedy

    <strong>WHO:</strong> CEO of <a href="http://www.bootycampfitness.com/">Booty Camp Fitness</a>, a fitness and training course for women. <strong>WHERE:</strong> Across Canada <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $2 to 5 million.

  • #25 Mandy Gilbert

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Founder and CEO of staff recruitment and workplace management firm<a href="http://www.creativeniche.com/"> Creative Niche Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, Ottawa, Amsterdam and Cincinnati. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $5 to 10 million.

  • #24 Taylor Thoen

    <strong>WHO:</strong> CEO and host at <a href="http://www.b-tv.com/">BTV (Business Television) </a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Head office Surrey, B.C. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $5 to 10 million.

  • #23 Lulu Cohen-Farnell

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President of kids' healthy food initiative <a href="http://www.rfrk.com/">Real Food for Real Kids Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $5 to 10 million.

  • #22 Sherri Stevens

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President of staffing agency <a href="http://www.srgstaffing.com/">SRG (Stevens Resource Group Inc.)</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Ingersoll, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $15 to 25 million.

  • #21 Madeleine Paquin

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President and CEO of cargo-handling services and marine transportation company <a href="http://www.logistec.com/web/PRODWEB/sites/logistec/page/biography/madeleine_paquin.php">Logistec Corp.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Montreal, Que. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $100 to $250 million.

  • #20 Amelia Warren and Sylvie Rochette

    <strong>WHO:</strong> CEO (Amelia) and president (Sylvie) of premium food and cookware company <a href="http://www.epicureselections.com/en/">Epicure Selections. </a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Victoria, B.C. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $25 to 50 million. <em>(Amelia left, Sylvie right)</em>

  • #19 PJ Ferguson and Jill Dee Ferguson

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President and owner of staffing services <a href="http://www.ablemployment.com/">ABL Employment Inc. & ABL London Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, London, Woodstock and Vancouver. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $15 to 25 million.

  • #18 Tracey Bochner

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President and CEO of PR firm <a href="http://www.paradigmpr.ca/">Paradigm Public Relations Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $2 to 5 million.

  • #17 Neena Kanwar

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President and CEO of <a href="http://www.kmhlabs.com/">KMH Cardiology and Diagnostic Centres</a>, cardiology and diagnostic-imaging centres based in Ontario. <strong>WHERE:</strong> Mississauga, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $25 to 50 million.

  • #16 Marla Schwartz

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President and CEO of health-benefit company <a href="https://www.benecaid.com/">Benecaid Health Benefit Solutions Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $5 to 10 million.

  • #15 Lorna Vanderhaeghe

    <strong>WHO:</strong> CEO of nutritional supplement company <a href="http://www.healthyimmunity.com/">Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Vancouver, B.C. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $2 to 5 million.

  • #14 Corin Mullins

    <strong>WHO:</strong> CEO of vegan and gluten-free cereals <a href="http://holycrap.ca/news/the-secret-to-a-lasting-business-create-something-you-want-for-yourself/">HapiFoods Group Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Sechelt, B.C. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $2 to 5 million. <em>(Co-founders Brian and Corin Mullin).</em>

  • #13 Janis Grantham

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President and COO of staffing agency <a href="http://www.eagleonline.com/">Eagle Professional Resources Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $100 to 250 million.

  • #12 Teresa Spinelli

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President of food retailer <a href="http://www.italiancentre.ca/">Italian Centre Shop Ltd.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Edmonton, Alta. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $25 to 50 million.

  • #11 Shannon Bowen-Smed

    <strong>WHO:</strong> President and CEO of staffing agency <a href="http://www.bowenworks.ca/">Bowen Workforce Solutions Inc.</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Calgary, Alta. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $50 to 75 million.

  • #10 Susan Niczowski

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Susan Niczowski, President of <a href="http://www.summerfresh.com/" target="_hplink">Summer Fresh Salads</a>, a company specializing in prepared foods, salads, dips and appetizers <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $75-100 million

  • #9 Marion Witz

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Marion Witz, President of <a href="http://elizabethgrant.com" target="_hplink">Elizabeth Grant International Inc.</a>, a skincare, beauty and fragrance line <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $15-25 million

  • #8 Sally Daub

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Sally Daub, President and CEO of <a href="http://www.vixs.com" target="_hplink">ViXS Systems Inc.</a>, a multimedia company that allows for high-quality video and audio processing <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> US $50-75 million

  • #7 Victoria Sopik and Jennifer Nashmi

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Victoria Sopik and Jennifer Nashmi, CEO and Vice President and CFO (respectively) at <a href="https://www.kidsandcompany.ca" target="_hplink">Kids & Company Ltd.</a>, a childcare company with locations across Canada <strong>WHERE:</strong> Both based in Toronto, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $25-50 million

  • #6 Meighan Nehme

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Meighan Nehme, President | Corporate Talent Acquisition at <a href="http://www.thejobshoppe.com/" target="_hplink">The Job Shoppe Inc.</a>, a full-service human resources firm <strong>WHERE:</strong> Windsor, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $5-10 million

  • #5 Allison Byrne

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Allison Byrne, Chief Operating Officer at <a href="http://www.ruminvestor.com/" target="_hplink">Rocky Mountain Liquor</a>, which owns private liquor stores in Alberta <strong>WHERE:</strong> Edmonton, Alta. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $50-75 million

  • #4 Shaemin Ukani

    strong>WHO:</strong> Shaemin Ukani, Managing Director at <a href="http://www.arrowprofessionals.com/" target="_hplink">Arrow Professional Services</a>, a staffing agency <strong>WHERE:</strong> Toronto, ON <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $10-15 million

  • #3 Dr. Amiee Chan

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Dr. Amiee Chan, President and CEO at <a href="http://www.norsat.com/" target="_hplink">Norsat International Inc.,</a> which provides broadband communication services for transmitting data, audio and video in challenging environments <strong>WHERE:</strong> Vancouver, B.C. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> US $25-50 million

  • #2 Shannon Rogers

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Shannon Rogers, President & General Counsel at <a href="http://www.globalrelay.com/" target="_hplink">Global Relay, part of an international company providing message archiving services for financial institutions</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> Vancouver, B.C. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $15-25 million

  • #1 Kelsey Ramsden

    <strong>WHO:</strong> Kelsey Ramsden, President at <a href="http://www.bpdltd.ca/" target="_hplink">Belvedere Place Development, a company specializing in construction, development and consulting</a> <strong>WHERE:</strong> London, Ont. <strong>2011 REVENUE: </strong> $25-50 million

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