According to Hallmark (and their slew of boss-centric cards), October 16th is National Bosses Day. Since we think every day is a good day to receive top marks for your gift and style sense, we've curated a list of some cool office items. They're great for decorating your desk with (whether it's at home or in an office) as well as gifting to your favourite exec.

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  • Uten Organization Station

    Only Vitra would be able to make organizing "stuff" look cool. A design classic. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Utility Task Clips

    Even if you're drowning in paperwork, you <em>can</em> organize it in style. For more info, visit <a href=""></a>

  • Thermo Pot

    Brown paper bagging at a whole other level. A hot level. And you won’t forget your spoon because it attaches, by magnet, to the side. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Takeya Glass Water Bottle

    Much more chic than a plastic water bottle on your desk. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Stella McCartney Computer Bag

    The computer bag that can hold court with your Manolos. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""> </a></em>

  • Staple Free Stapler

    This is what you call an eco-chic stapler. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Rimowa Limbo Attache Case

    Chic, sturdy, lightweight and ready for action. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Pivot Power

    Get more power out of your power bar -- this one gives you access to all outlets while wrapping neatly around the leg of your desk. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Perpetual Calendar

    As time flies, one thing remains the same -- your calendar. You can use this one year after year. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Perfect Office Mate Pen With USB And Laser

    When is a pen also a USB and a laser pointer? When its all 3-in-1! <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Paperthinks Recycled Leather Notebooks

    The old-fashioned, written word deserves a beautiful home. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • LED Desk Lamp

    See the light of day in your office. <em>For more info, visit <a href="">Amazon</a></em>

  • Jonathan Adler Channing Desk

    Orange is a happy colour, so why not be happy at work? <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Herman Miller Mirra Chair

    Take a seat. You may not want to get up from this ergonomic, high-performance chair. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Great Ideas Notepads

    When lightning strikes you with that next big idea, be ready to jot it down. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

  • Geneva Portable Sound System

    Have Geneva will travel. From home to office to home office, this offers crisp, clean sound, and offers an alarm clock to wake you up from your afternoon siesta.  <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a> </em>

  • Like/Dislike Stamp Set

    Social Media is everywhere, so why not the office? Just be sure to use the right one on your Boss’ performance review! For more info, visit <a href=""></a>

  • Legal Paper Paperweight

    This scrunched piece of paper is as "light" as a paperweight. <em>For more info, visit <a href=""></a></em>

If you're really in the mood to celebrate, we've also created an "All Play, No Work" party plan for you.

This out-of-the-box, fun and easy party idea is guaranteed to please with its 9-to-5 tunes, inexpensive decor, delicious food dishes and creative cocktails.

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