UPDATE: CBC reports that the comment Christine Claveau read from the man said, "It's about time this bitch died."

A Calgary mother who started a group that's policing Facebook comments about Amanda Todd, a bullied B.C. teenager who committed suicide, says her sleuthing got one man fired from his job.

Christine Claveau says the Ontario man posted an insulting comment about the 15-year-old girl last week, the day after she committed suicide, which led her to track him down.

“I just saw all these hateful comments, outrageous things, tormenting her after her passing,” Christine Claveau told Global News. “This one gentleman said something that just triggered something in me.”

After finding out where the worked, the Calgary mom e-mailed his employer, Grafton-Fraser, a mens-wear chain, who decided to fire the man, Global News reported.

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The president of Grafton-Fraser, which owns Mr. Big & Tall, says the company has zero tolerance for all forms of bullying and the man no longer works there.

Claveau says her anti-bullying group has passed on hundreds of other complaints to Facebook staff and the RCMP.

Todd's Facebook Memorial Page has received a lot of positive and negative feedback since she died.

The page has over 700,000 likes and seen a lot of activity since her death, The Vancouver Sun reported.

Todd’s death has also led to the Alberta government re-visting the Education Act, a piece of legislature that deals with anti-bullying initiatives.

An alleged tormentor was also named this week by hacker group called Anonymous, who published the name and address of a Vancouver-area man, and claim he was behind the bullying of Todd.

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  • A Facebook post from <a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151108737498527&set=pb.245559443526.-2207520000.1349995284&type=1&theater">G Force Gym - Home of the Vancouver All Stars</a>: "Today we feel the loss of our former VAS family member Amanda... I ask that we all watch her video and share her story so that her loss is not in vain. Allow this to be her legacy... Allow us all to look around & find the next Amanda before another precious spunky teenager is lost. We have a responsibility today... Is there a kid in your school that made a mistake and is being shunned? Your challenge is to be a LEADER ... Be the Game Changers you are and sit with them today... reach out... smile... let them know that they are NOT alone in this harsh world. It's always EASY to do the EASY thing; we teach you to NOT do what is easy and instead, do what is right!! You will be surprised, how many people will follow YOU when you stick up for what is Right and honorable AND, forgiving those that have made mistakes in their YOUTH is the RIGHT thing to do!! Please share Amands's Story... SHARE IT & LIVE IT!"