There comes a time when even the most well-researched, the most agreed-upon, the most diverse restaurant list won't come in handy — and that time is pretty much every day.

Why, you ask? Because no matter how many restaurants are put upon that list, in Alberta inevitably most will belong to the category of "special occasion" restaurant, the one that costs solidly into the triple digits for a meal for two. Which is why we were so excited to see Urbanspoon take on the most popular budget-friendly spots in Canada -- Alberta included -- with their own list. The restaurant rating website surveyed the findings of the Canadian public in their "cheap eats" category (which means it falls into the lower range, without any specific monetary value attached) and published a pretty comprehensive overview of the country's offerings.

While so-called ethnic food — cuisine coming from Asian or Latin American countries — dominated the list, the all-American burger appears to be in fine form across the province as well. Add to that a healthy (though that's probably not the right word) dose of poutineries and bakeries, and the wide range of spots Albertan stop in on for lunch, snacks and more than a few dinners makes up an interesting culinary landscape.

But our favourite thing about this list? We can easily try out pretty much every place listed, and not have to worry about not making rent next month.

SEE: The 100 favourite cheap eat spots in Alberta, according to Urbanspoon. Was your favourite missed out on? We want to know where are the best places for affordable grub in Lethbridge, Red Deer, Banff, Drumheller. Fort McMurray and beyond! Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  • Basil Ultimate Pho and Fine Vietnamese Cuisine

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Basil Ultimate Pho and Fine Vietnamese Cuisine </a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Beef Sate, Pork meat balls and spring rolls vermillion, Pineapple Bubble Tea <strong>Pricing:</strong> Under $10 per entree

  • Boogie's Burgers

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Boogie's Burgers</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialites:</strong> Shaun's Burger, burgers,fries,onion rings,shakes <strong>Price:</strong> Under $10 per entree

  • C B Drive Inn

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">CB Drive Inn</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities</strong>: Burgers — including one with deep-fried mushrooms <strong>Pricing:</strong> Under $10 for mains, according to Urbanspoon

  • Drift Food Truck

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Drift Truck</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Edmonton, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Perfect-for-lunchtime sandwiches and soups <strong>Pricing:</strong> Maxes out at $7.50 for a sandwich

  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Five Guys Burgers And Fries</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB (Heritage Meadows location) <strong>Specialities:</strong> Burgers and fresh-cut fries <strong>Pricing: </strong>$5 to $10, according to <a href=""></a>

  • Glamorgan Bakery

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Glamorgan Bakery</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Cheese buns! <strong>Pricing:</strong> $0.95 for a regular cheese bun — did someone say breakfast?

  • Golden Bell Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Golden Bell Saigon</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Vietnamese subs and Thai grill <strong>Pricing:</strong> A huge menu, with dishes ranging from $6 to $14

  • Holy Grill

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Holy Grill</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Breakfast and lunch, with a serious love for sweet potato fries. <strong>Pricing:</strong> Nothing on the menu is over $12 — and that's for the version of the eggs Benedict

  • Holy Smoke BBQ

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Holysmoke BBQ</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB (southeast location) <strong>Specialities:</strong> "Brisket, ribs, pulled pork, house made sauces and more" <strong>Pricing:</strong> Get your small pulled pork sandwich for the very reasonable $5.49

  • Jelly Modern Doughnuts

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Jelly Modern Doughnuts</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Gourmet dougnuts <strong>Pricing:</strong> A single (seriously topped up) doughnut starts at $2.45

  • La Belle Patate

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">La Belle Patate</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Canmore, AB, Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC (all three were voted in!) <strong>Specialities:</strong> Quebecois cuisine, including poutine and Montreal smoked meat <strong>Pricing:</strong> Under $10 per entree, according to Urbanspoon

  • My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Custom ice cream cakes (and many flavours of ice cream) <strong>Pricing:</strong> Cakes from $28

  • Peppino's

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Peppino's</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Gourmet Italian goodies <strong>Pricing:</strong> Sandwiches from $7.50 to $9.50.

  • Pho Huong Viet

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Pho Huong Viet </a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialties: </strong>Satay soups, Bun dishes <strong>Price:</strong> Under $10 per entree

  • Peters' Drive-in

    <strong>What:</strong> Peters' Drive-In<a href="<strong>Ave-N/Peters-Drive-in-Calgary"></a> Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Flame-broiled burgers, huge milkshakes, onion rings <strong>Pricing:</strong> Let's put it this way — the most expensive item on the menu is large fries at $7, and a single burger costs $3.30.

  • Raj Palace

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="<strong>Raj-Palace-North-West-Calgary">Raj Palace</a> Where:</strong> Calgary, AB (northwest location) <strong>Specialities:</strong> South Indian food. <strong>Pricing:</strong> $13.95 is the average price for most main courses.

  • Smashburger

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Smashburger</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB (northeast location) <strong>Specialities:</strong> What else? Giant burgers. <strong>Pricing:</strong> $5.24 is the starting price for the "make your own" burger, but most are closer to the $7 range.

  • Swiss Donair

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Swiss Donair</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Edmonton, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Every sort of donair imaginable (which are similar to shwarmas or kebobs) <strong>Pricing:</strong> From around $4 to $7.50, though a large donair poutine will run you $13.50

  • The Burger Joint

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">The Burger Joint</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Edmonton, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Crazy customizable burgers <strong>Pricing:</strong> Under $10 per entree, according to Urbanspoon

  • Tubby Dog

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Tubby Dog</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Hot dogs with more on them than you'd ever wished for — for example, the Red Baron with bratwurst, grainy mustard, sauteed onions, sauerkraut and curry ketchup. <strong>Pricing:</strong> The Red Baron goes for $10, but the regular menu starts at $7.

  • Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt (Whyte Avenue)

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Tutti Frutti Yogurt</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Edmonton, AB (Whyte Avenue) <strong>Specialities:</strong> Frozen yogurt with toppings <strong>Pricing:</strong> Under $10 per dish, according to Urbanspoon

  • Yann Haute Patisserie - Assorted macarons

    <strong>What:</strong> <a href="">Yann Haute Patisserie</a> <strong>Where:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Specialities:</strong> Macarons for every season <strong>Pricing:</strong> Gourmet cakes starting from $36