The byelection to replace Calgary Tory MP Lee Richardson has now been set for Nov. 26, Prime Minister MP Stephen Harper announced Sunday.

Lee Richardson quit his seat to take a senior post in the Alberta PC government of Alison Redford.

The Conservative candidate in the riding is Joan Crockatt, a former managing editor of the Calgary Herald and senior news­pa­per exec­u­tive with Southam News­pa­pers, and Can­west Global Com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

For the past decade she had been a com­mu­ni­ca­tions con­sul­tant, media commentator, regularly appearing on Sun News.

Also on the running are Green candidate Chris Turner and Liberal candidate Harvey Locke.

Locke, 53, said he will campaign on his values of being fiscally prudent, socially progressive and environmentally responsible, the Calgary Herald reported after his win.

Locke is a conservationist, lawyer, and former president of the Alberta Liberal party, the Herald reported.

The vote will be one of three being held that day. Byelections will held in the ridings of Durham and Victoria.

The Ontario riding became vacant after former cabinet minister Bev Oda quit following controversy over her expenses, including the now famous $16 glass of orange juice.

The Victoria riding became vacant when New Democrat Denise Savoie resigned citing health reasons.

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