Take Them A Meal: Virginia Website Helps Bring Meals To Families In Need

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Virginia-based Take Them A Meal is helping families get the meals they need. | Shutterstock

The Virginia-based site Take Them A Meal is a free online tool used to coordinate the delivery of meals to someone who is in need, making it easy for friends and family to sign up to bring meals.

Started in 2008 by Scott Rogers and Adina Bailey out of Harrisonburg, Virginia, the site now attracts hundreds of thousands of users each month from around the world (in the last month, more than 350,000 people used it), and over 4 million people have used the site in total.

Bailey says the inspiration for the site was "when our dear friend was suddenly hospitalized and many people from our church were calling to see how they could help. Our friend's parents and her in-laws each attended a different church as well, so we needed to coordinate people from three churches -- plus other neighbors and friends -- who wanted to help. The site made that possible for us and we soon discovered that others had a similar need."

People from all walks of life use the site. "I was just emailing a woman who has a dear friend in New York with a daughter who has cancer," says Bailey. "The friend wants to set up a schedule, so all those who are out of town can send meals and gift cards because they don't live close enough to carry a meal to the family's door."

"Before her, a school was setting up a schedule of delivered and frozen meals for a teacher who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. In a minute, I'll be setting up a schedule for a friend who had a baby this week. Every day, the site is used to help during illness, chemo, loss, welcoming a baby, etc."

The site is supported by contributions of users. For more information, go to their website, Facebook page, email info@takethemameal.com or call 1-800-915-7715

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