A Toronto Craigslist poster may have just created the best 'for sale' ad we've seen in a while.

The ad touts the virtues of a new Samsung Galaxy Note LTE using some very colourful language (We counted 23 f-bombs, but we may have missed one or two) and one rather hilarious chart that compares the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE to the Eiffel Tower, the Space Shuttle and a few other landmarks.

The ad's creator, Ryan Bannon, a creative director at design firm Playground Inc. said that he got the phone last month and was inspired by the hilarious Craigslist ad for a 1995 Teal Grand Am that went viral in April.

"We thought. we can totally sell something like that, it'd be hilarious," he told the Huffington Post Canada.

The designer, who currently uses an iPhone 5 (sorry Samsung), also said that he's received e-mails from directors of digital advertising and marketing firms about the ad.

"This might end up becoming the best viral campaign our agency has conceived of," he said.

The phone can be yours for $600.

Canada.com's Patrick O'Rourke says that the strangely compelling ad kind of makes him want the phone. We know where he's coming from.

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