Halloween is right around the corner, and the mall costumes are all slutty or racist or both. So why not make your own costume, and who is better (and/or easier) to dress up as than a musician? Heck, even actual musicians like to dress up as other musicians -- or at least Sum 41's Deryck Whibley does when the musician in question is his ex-wife Avril Lavigne. (For bonus points, Deryck's girlfriends put on a Chad Kroeger costume.)

But we (shudder) digress...

From "Gangnam Style" to Gotye, this past year has been perfect for music-inspired costumes so here are some suggestions for your music celeb dress-up best bets. Costume contest wins are not guaranteed, but if you lose we'll send a "Kanye" to let everyone know that you are wearing one of the greatest Halloween costumes of all time!

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  • Who: Gotye

    <strong>What you'll need:</strong> Body paint and a broken heart. <strong>Further instructions:</strong> After painting yourself in geometrical designs, try to blend in to whatever area of the room follows the same colour scheme. Keep an eye out for any couple dressed as Taylor Swift and Kanye West so you can croon: "He didn't have to cut her off . . ."

  • Who: Psy ("Gangnam Style")

    What you'll need: Black dress pants, a white button-up shirt, a pastel-toned suit jacket accented by black lining, sunglasses, a pair of loafers. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Do the dance. All night long, non-stop, and despite the screams of protest. <strong>Bonus: </strong>You're free to yell "heeeey...sexy lady" at women all night because that is <em>the most important part</em> of your costume.

  • Who: Skrillex

    What you'll need: Black pants, a black shirt, a black blazer, thick-framed glasses, beets, and THAT HAIRCUT. <strong>Further instructions:</strong> Drop beets. Literal vegetable beets since the DJ of any party you attend will likely expel you for touching their equipment. Say nothing, and drop more. <strong>Bonus: </strong>If you bump into someone because you're walking unsteadily, just look them and say "wobble."

  • Who: Beyonce

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>Sequined anything, confidence, a baby (doll or borrowed). <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Utter only empowering statements, and apologize for nothing, because you will not be wrong. Accept all compliments, and dance your way into every room. If someone asks you to pass the jelly, let them know they are not ready.

  • Who: Drake

    <strong>What you'll need:</strong> A crown, various gold chains, a varsity jacket, a t-shirt, jeans, and a piece of Toronto paraphernalia. <strong>Further instructions:</strong> Practice mood swings. If possible, host a party yourself, and brag about the invitees, the amount spent, the type of food, and how much money you have left in the bank. In the next breath, complain about the same things. <strong>Bonus:</strong> You get to express your feelings in hashtag-friendly acronyms. #YOLO

  • Who: Adam Levine

    <strong>What you'll need:</strong> Low rise, slim-fitting jeans, tattoos, Ray-Bans, arm tats and an annoyed expression aimed at anyone dressed like Christina Aguilera. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Attempt to reach high notes, even when speaking, and smirk when being spoken to. Do not wear a shirt, and if one comes near you, sing about it dramatically before exiting the room.

  • Who: Justin Bieber

    <strong>What you'll need:</strong> A well-groomed head of hair, two diamond stud earrings, skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, a V-neck t-shirt, various chains, a jacket. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Stand only with those dressed like rap and/or R&B star. Avoid drinking milk (but if you do, throw it up publicly).

  • Who: Kanye West

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>Black skinny jeans, a black blazer, a barely-buttoned black dress shirt, gold chains, sunglasses. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Keep your sunglasses on regardless of whereabouts, and smile only among close friends or at the expense of others. If possible, talk about yourself constantly, and explain why everyone else at the party isn't dressed as well as you. <strong>Bonus:</strong> You get to interrupt anyone dressed like Taylor Swift.

  • Who: Ke$ha

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>A blonde wig, fishnet stockings, a fur coat, combat boots, glitter, sparkles, feathers, and anything else you might find in the craft aisle; Jack Daniels. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Use the bottle of alcohol to brush your teeth before getting in everybody's face. If someone is dressed like a ghost, try and hook up with them. Speak in a way that fellow attendees will ask what's wrong.

  • Who: Lady Gaga

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>Long brown hair, gold glove and a bottle of perfume. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Aside from telling people about your fragrance, remain in hiding. Maybe don't even go to a party. Or if you do, hang out in your car.

  • Who: Lana Del Rey

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>A long brown wig, a floor-length cream dress, long nails, cat's eye eyeliner. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Stand silently, moving only to delicately brush the hair from your face. Maintain an expression of extreme unhappiness, and when asked whether you're okay, twirl in one place until whoever asked you leaves.

  • Who: Miley Cyrus

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>A short blonde wig, short-shorts, combat boots, an oversize flannel shirt, and a bodyguard or two. <strong>Further instructions:</strong> Tweet about where you are and what you're doing constantly. Threaten to stop, but then tweet about that. Find Gale from<em> The Hunger Games</em> and get engaged. <strong>Bonus: </strong>Find someone dressed as Billy Ray, and then act embarrassed around them.

  • Who: Mumford & Sons

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>A three-piece suit, an acoustic guitar, and three friends (who are NOT your own offspring). <strong>Further instructions:</strong> Act surprised that people know who you are. Wail on your guitar or banjo as hard as you can until it breaks. Go home.

  • Who: Nicki Minaj

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>A bright pink wig, a bright pink dress, bright pink lipstick, floral accessories (preferably pink), pink high heels, and an unwillingness to compromise. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>Speak incredibly fast and demand perfection. Use a British accent sometimes, but not consistently and not to everyone. If somebody is dressed like Mariah Carey, remind her of how boring she is, and instigate a full-scale war to the awkwardness of everyone. <strong>Bonus: </strong>If you see a Justin Bieber, make age-inappropriate remarks about what you'd do to him later.

  • Who: Taylor Swift

    <strong>What you'll need: </strong>A long blonde wig, a dress of your choosing, an acoustic guitar, a shocked expression. <strong>Further instructions: </strong>If you are wronged in any way, leave quietly and write a song. Then, return to perform it in the company of your enemy, and refuse to confirm whether the song is actually about them, despite its incriminating title. (Ex. "How Dare You, Brian – I Think My Hair Looks Fine")