11/05/2012 03:04 EST | Updated 11/05/2012 03:47 EST

Justin Bieber, Sex Doll: Pop Star's Career Blows Up Even More With 'Just-In Beaver' Love Doll

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An American adult toy company is courting pervy holiday shoppers with "Just-In Beaver," a blow-up sex doll modeled after pop star Justin Bieber.

According to Gigwise, the "Just-In Beaver" love doll -- which is obviously unlicensed -- is supposed to resemble the Canadian musician. A photo of the product's packaging features lines like "Finally 18! Ready To Rock Your World" and "I Wanna Be Your Boy Toy!" There's also a reference to his girlfriend Selena Gomez and how she can do something to get the "Gold Off My Grammy!" (Editor's note: we will never feel clean again.)

The details on the product leave little to the imagination, stating Bieber is a "barely legal boy-toy" who has waited 18 years to be, er, sexually active. The packaging also declares "I'm NOT GAY (ok, maybe a lil')." According to the product site , the vinyl doll was made in China and, well, you can read for yourself.

Retailing for $26 and intended for both ladies and gentlemen, "Just-In Beaver" follows a line of similar pop star blow-up dolls the company has created for Christina Aguilera ("Dirty Christina"), Miley Cyrus ("Finally Miley") and the self-explanatory "Katy Pervy."

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"Just-In Beaver" Justin Bieber Blow-Up Doll

Some Bieber fans are understandably aghast at the product while others have said they are eager to get the doll. Regardless, it appears the shelf life of the product will be very brief as lawsuits will no doubt be launched.

Bieber -- recently named as one of the half-time entertainers at this year's CFL football Grey Cup -- has made no mention of the doll but tweeted a link teasing another commercial endeavor. "ok. ok. here is the next full commercial this week :) #GIRLFRIEND #ThruYourEyes." The clip shows him briefly playing acoustic guitar and singing the song "Boyfriend."

Bieber continues his North American tour tonight in Washington, D.C. on a world trek that has dates scheduled through to April in Europe.