The voting may be taking place south of the border, but that hasn't stopped Canadian newspapers and pundits from making endorsements of their own.

Polls have shown Canadians overwhelmingly favour Obama, so it should come as no surprise that most of the endorsements have been for Obama or agnostic about the outcome.

Our list focuses on the three main national papers and, of course, Sun News. See their picks in the slideshow below.

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  • The Globe And Mail - Obama

    "In spite of his own merits, Mr. Romney’s program has unsettling elements of adventurism. Mr. Obama has his flaws, too, but, with his steady hand, he has the better chance of enabling and leading a real recovery of the economy of the United States." - <a href="">Read the full endorsement</a>

  • Toronto Star - Obama

    "Torn as Americans are, Obama has averted economic crisis, rung down the curtain on war and shown compassion for the vulnerable. He has earned a second term." - <a href="">Read the full endorsement</a>

  • Sun News - Not Obama

    "Obama, of course, has the endorsement of federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, a situation which would have had the Ottawa press corps going ape if Prime Minister Stephen Harper had endorsed anyone, let alone Mitt Romney. Yet there was hardly a critical peep about Mulcair's nonsense coming from the consensus media. They'd rather leave the straight talk up to us." - <a href="">Read the full (sort of) endorsement</a>

  • Globe's Margaret Wente - Not Obama

    "The more I listen to my American friends, the more convinced I am that Barack Obama doesn’t deserve to win. Sure, he was dealt a rotten hand. But he squandered his political capital and his opportunities. The trouble is, I’m pretty sure the other guy doesn’t deserve to win either. Good luck, Jim! You’re going to need it." - <a href="">Read the full (sort of) endorsement</a>

  • National Post's Jonathan Kay - Either Or

    "And yet, even on a deeply personal level, an investigation of the two men’s backgrounds show they are far more similar than partisans on either side might imagine." - <a href="">Read the full (sort of) endorsement</a>

  • Sun's Ezra Levant - Not Obama

    "America is resilient. But four more years of Obama will change that country deeply — and not for the better." - <a href="">Read the full (sort of) endorsement</a>

  • Globe's John Ibbitson - Obama (Kind Of)

    "To the extent that Mr. Romney speaks for that Southern culture and history, he is alien to most Canadians, even if he was born in Michigan, summered in Ontario and governed Massachusetts. Canadians will sit by their televisions Tuesday night, hands clutched, praying for Barack Obama to win, because he is the America they know." - <a href="">Read the full (sort of) endorsement</a>

  • Post's Kelly McParland - Romney

    "Romney may be a flip-flopper, but he’s not lacking skill or intelligence. He is a more accomplished and more promising figure than George W. Bush was, and has a wider range of experience. He seems unlikely to bumble into disaster, and gives the impression he’d be competent in times of crisis. A successful moderate Republican administration would also go a long way to curbing the cult of extremism and intolerance that is driving the party towards the fringes of political life. That in itself would be a welcome contribution to the reinvigoration of American life." - <a href="">Read the full endorsement</a>

  • Post's Matt Gurney - Either Or

    "None of the above is an endorsement of Obama, who’s been better than I expected, but hardly great. I wouldn’t vote to re-elect the President. But I wouldn’t vote for Romney, either. Right guy. Wrong party." - <a href="">Read the full (sort of) endorsement</a>

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