A gunman who created a police standoff outside New Westminster's Starlight Casino and triggered the closure of the Queensborough Bridge is now in custody.

"The male is down," confirmed New Westminster Police on Thursday, about five hours after the standoff began at 6 a.m. A shot was fired followed by ambulances rushing in.

The suspect was transported to hospital with serious injuries, said police. His condition is unknown. No one else was injured.

The Independent Investigations Office is now overseeing the case because it was an "officer-involved shooting."

The man took a woman hostage after a domestic dispute but she was released, CTV reported. He then sat in a car in the casino's parking lot, while police tried to negotiate with him through a bullhorn.

Officer repeatedly shouting "we want to help you, put down the gun!" To man holed up near Starlight Casino in New West.

The Queensborough Bridge is now reopen. It was closed in both directions all morning, which created massive traffic gridlock. Patrons of the 24-hour casino were also asked to remain inside.

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  • YVR Airspace

    Are they filming an episode of #Flashpoint at the Starlight Casino? #NewWest

  • New West Police

  • Sameer

    Hostage situation at the Starlight Casino...Morning traffic at its worst #lateasfuck

  • Natasha McCartney

    Queensbrough south is closed du to gunman situation at starlight casino not to worry all staff are ok ..no one can get out might take hours

  • Spike Sidhu

    Unfricken believable traffic this morning!! Queensborough bridge closed cause of a hostage issue at Starlight casino?? #wtf#nightmare

  • Gaelen Norman

    First pipe bomb scares on the #skytrain, now a hostage taking at the #starlight casino? When did I move to the USA?

  • YVR Airspace

    This police standoff at Starlight Casino just happens a day after South #SurreyBC had an open house for a Casino development. Nice Timing.

  • New West Police

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