Window shopping may have lost all meaning.

Retail giant Walmart Canada and Mattel Canada has launched the country's first virtual toy shop, allowing consumers to make holiday purchases right from a store window.

For four weeks, shoppers in Toronto's underground walkway (called the PATH) can scan a QR (quick response) code with their smartphones to purchase a toy from Walmart with free shipping. The virtual store also features two walls of 3-D toy images to showcase some of this season's hottest gift options for kids.

"As Canadians become increasingly comfortable with e-commerce, we see mobile-commerce taking off; in fact, the most recent statistics show that four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop," said Melissa Chau, brand manager of Mattel Canada in a press release.

Popular products this year (and probably every other year) from Mattel include toys from Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price and Thomas & Friends. This season, other toy trends also include electronics for preschoolers, apps on tablets and smartphones and "construction toys" that allow kids to build their own masterpieces, according to the Canadian Toy Association.

And parents, get those wallets ready. If you're planning to shop online or visit stores, a new survey from the Bank of Montreal suggests that Canadians will spend 15 per cent more this holiday season. On average, shoppers surveyed said they planned to spend $674 for holiday gifts, compared to $583 last year.

ALSO: Check out some of the highest ranked toys for 2012:

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  • Twister Dance

    <a href="">Twister Dance game </a>combines today’s best dance music with the iconic Twister spots, giving girls a new, fun way to learn moves to today’s hottest dance songs. <strong>AGE:</strong> 8+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $37

  • Torch Fire Truck

    <a href="">These vehicles simultaneously</a> entertain and educate kids with features that come to life by entering in fun ‘shape-codes’ while an interactive story explain what each part does. <strong>AGE:</strong> 6+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $50

  • X-treme Sticker Maker Set

    A favourite among kids who love to craft, <a href="The X-treme Sticker Maker Set is the best sticker maker on the planet! A favourite among crafters; this high quality machine is versatile and super easy to use. It includes 40' of sticker tape, 80+ sticker designs - including velvet, metallic and glitter, colour-in markers and a sticker book. You can even turn your artwork and photos into stickers! Refills available - sold separately.">this machine</a> is versatile and super easy to use. It includes 40 inches of sticker tape, over 80 sticker designs including velvet, metallic and glitter, colour-in markers and a sticker book. You can even turn your artwork and photos into stickers. <strong>AGE:</strong> 6+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $30

  • The Original DoodleArt

    <a href="">The Original DoodleArt</a>, this intricate, black-and-white colour-it-yourself poster kit, features five super-sized poster designs – Flowers, Jungle, Butterflies, Fairy Tales, and Prehistoric. Comes with 12 dual-end non-toxic-ink felt pens, and is a great way to spend quality time exercising your creative side. <strong>AGE:</strong> All ages <strong>PRICE:</strong> $25

  • Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab

    The Weird & Wacky Contraption Lab comes with 60 mix-and-match pieces to build an endless array of contraptions. Kids can dream up the weirdest combinations, then build and test them with the easy-to-construct velcro-like system. <strong>AGE:</strong> 8+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $40

  • SuperMaxi 66 by Plastwood Italia

    Made in Italy, <a href="">SuperMaxi</a> is the latest innovation in magnetic toys. With its new larger rods, children can experience flexibility and simplicity of building, all in safety. Its magnetic components are very easy to assemble, allowing children to free their imagination to create objects and structures of any size. <strong>AGE:</strong> 3+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $31

  • Waverly's Magic Seashell

    This is not just any kind of seashell, it's a magical one. <a href="">Waverly’s home</a> holds special powers to unlock secrets from its magical pearls. <strong>AGE:</strong> 4+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $30

  • Teacup Doggies

    It's like buying a pet that's mess free, stress free and priced right. <a href="">Teacup Doggies </a>are six-inch miniature versions of real dogs with their own voice and personality. <strong>AGE:</strong> 4+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $20

  • Litehawk Collector Edition Helicopter

    <a href="">The Litehawk</a> lets kids experience omni-directional flight and even 360 degree revolving feature. This toy also has a flight simulator program that allows kids to practice their piloting moves virtually. <strong>AGE:</strong> 8+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $50

  • LeapsterGS

    The newest edition to LeapFrog, the <a href="">LeapsterGS</a> lets kids engage in learning by putting them in charge of the action with updated features including motion-based play, a built-in camera, video recorder, kid-friendly controls, and a large library of educational entertainment. <strong>AGE:</strong> 5-10 <strong>PRICE:</strong> $90

  • Wrebbit3D Big Ben

    <a href="">3D puzzles</a> are back and more popular (and bigger) than ever. This 3D Big Ben includes 890 pieces. <strong>AGE:</strong> 12+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $35

  • Suspend

    Looking for a game for family night? Try this <a href="">hanging balance game </a>that comes with 24 notched, rubber-tipped wire pieces to hang from a tabletop stand. It sounds easy but each time a bar is added, the balance shifts and it gets that much harder. <strong>AGE:</strong> 8+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $17

  • Wonder Glow Blocks

    Play under normal light to see one pattern and in the dark to see a different one. This set includes <a href="">30 colourful wooden blocks </a>with 11 different shapes. <strong>AGE:</strong> 24 Months+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $22

  • Walk-A-Long Puppy

    This little pup can sit, stand and roll. The <a href="">Walk-A-Long Puppy </a>can pick up a few tricks from your little one and even help them with their first few steps. <strong>AGE:</strong> 12 Months+ <strong>PRICE:</strong> $24

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