A British airline is taking speed dating to new heights. Jet2.com, a low-cost carrier in the U.K., is set to launch the company's maiden speed-dating flight come Saturday. The flight, the first of its kind in the U.K., will depart from Leeds Bradford International Airport and make its way to none other than the city of love: Paris, France.

That's where the 100 single contestants — 50 men and women who sent in their pictures and an essay on why they deserved to be on the flight — will then put their dating skills to the test as they tour France's Seine River via Bateaux Mouches, a local love boat tour company. And contestants won't be just vying for each other's affection. As noted by the Ilkley Gazzette, like any good matchmaking contest, the most popular man and woman among the pool of daters will win a luxury five-star retreat with their special someone.

For Alex Bysouth, one of the male contestants in the week long trip, the trip is a perfect set up.

“Paris is a city full of culture and history and although perhaps it is a bit cliché I am sure you cannot fail to find love in the world’s most romantic city," Bysouth told Mancunian Matters.

Jet2.com has also enlisted some some celebrity help for those who are a little rusty in the speed dating scene. The company teamed up with Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburgh, a celebrity couple from local reality TV show, 'The Only Way Is Essex' (pretty much Britain's version of 'Jersey Shore').

"What better setting is there potentially to meet the love of your life than in the ultimate city of romance! We can’t wait to jet off to Paris and help some of the nation’s singletons find their dream partner,” said Falcone in an interview with Travelbite.

And while the chance for true love for contestants isn't guaranteed, those not fortunate to find their soul mate on the first go shouldn't give up just yet. According to the Telegraph, Jet2.com is hosting a second flight set to depart on the 24th, with plans for more flights come Valentines Day.

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