A Calgary Centre Tory candidate's comments at a Saturday forum resulted in the hashtag #CBCporn trending on Twitter.

While answering a question about CBC funding, Joan Crockatt commented on CBC programming, saying "I think they do provide some good programming, I think there are areas that they need to look at."

"As well, is there still funding some porn channel on the web?" she asked, "There are going to be people that are going to look at CBC and say there's still room for cuts."

This isn't the first time CBC has found itself in the middle of a discussion that brings up pornographic programming. Earlier this year Sun News published a story in the Toronto Sun, accusing CBC of using taxpayer money to pay for soft-core pornography.

The story revealed that the French-wing of CBC, Radio-Canada, has been airing the program "Hard" on its on-demand web service Tou.tv, which included explicit sex scenes and nudity.

As a result of the story and Heritage Minister James Moore contacting the CBC to review the content, CBC took action. Radio-Canada now has restricted access to "Hard" to between the hours of 12 a.m. and 4 a.m.

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Crockatt had started off by saying, "Full disclosure I have worked for CBC," adding that she has worked with them quite a lot in the past ten years in different roles.

She stated that whenever a government funded monopoly exists, it should go through a similar scrutiny that the budget deficit would, and CBC should not be immune to cutbacks.

With no further explanation on the remark, Crockatt continued to say that CBC provides some valuable programming but if we're seeking to balance the budget CBC is also going to have to share some of that.

The forum gave birth to the term #CBCPorn, which starting trending in Canada. Many took to Twitter with satirical plays on CBC programming and its presenters as a result of Crockatt's comment.

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